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These top female money coaches are here to guide you on a transformative journey towards financial abundance, independence, and wealth creation. With their expert knowledge, personalized strategies, and unwavering support, these talented coaches are dedicated to helping you break through financial barriers, cultivate a healthy money mindset, and achieve your financial goals with confidence. Whether you're aiming for debt-free living, building investment portfolios, or launching your own business, these remarkable money coaches will equip you with the tools, skills, and strategies needed to navigate the financial landscape with grace and resilience.

We get asked all the time who we recommend so we have created an ambassadors network of women who we love to work with, you can check them all out on our website https://www.ladiesfinanceclub.com/ambassadors

Betsy WestcottFinancial Coach & founder of the Inner Money Journey

📍Location: Sydney, Australia

I help women heal their relationship with money and build strong financial foundations to live a life they love.

Over 13 years of experience in Financial Services and in more recent years I have been a part of the founding teams of exciting fintech's like Xinja Bank and Future You. I've also lead Digital Innovation and Transformation programs for Macquarie Bank. I'm qualified as a mortgage broker, financial advisor and money coach. My passion is helping people heal their relationship with money & build strong financial foundations to live a life they love.

Betsy's typical clients include individuals looking to build wealth, couples wanting to become a financial team and individuals navigating a life transition like separation and parenthood who need support getting on top of their money.

As the founder of the Inner Money Journey, I help my clients build their financial capability from the inside out through a series of money journeys that clients can choose based upon where they are in their lives. It has been a true game changer and I have to say, I am in love with my work. I love it because I get to see the changes on the inside that ultimately result in transforming our external financial reality.

Connect with Betsy Wescott HERE


Karen Eley, Certified Money Coach & Financial Educator and Founder of Women Talking Finance

📍Location: Adelaide, Australia

I help women feel good about their money - on the inside and outside.

An experienced and former Financial Adviser who has worked in financial services industry for 22 years. Karen now helps women who feel confused or overwhelmed with money matters to build financial competence and confidence through money coaching.

Karen been providing financial advice to clients for 20+ years, 14 of those as a Financial Adviser, specialising in supporting women grow and manage their wealth. Always curious about why we do what we do with money, I transitioned down the Behavioural Finance path and now provide Money Mindset & Behaviour coaching - which I believe is the foundation to being better at money: having a healthy relationship with it. I help women who feel confused, overwhelmed and stressed uncover the money blocks holding them back, personally and professionally. For the past 8 years I've been a Director of a NFP, contributing investing skills and expertise for the purpose of giving back to those financially disadvantaged. Qualifications - Bachelor of Accountancy, Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning & Certified Money Coach.

As a former shoe-addict (yes, she understands the temptation of wants vs saving/ investing), I'm committed to showing women what's possible with money from both a psychological and practical perspective.

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Lexi Smith, Financial and Money Coach and Founder of MoneyVine

📍 Location: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

I help women manage their finances effectively, increase their income, control their spending and improve their financial trajectory through personalised financial coaching.

Lexi is ready to improve your financial fitness. Her passion lies in empowering mums with the tools and strategies they need to manage their family's finances effectively. Her coaching services are perfect for those who want personalised assistance but aren't prepared to pay $3,000+ for financial advice (and are not eligible for free financial counselling).  With a toolkit of unique approaches, tips and tricks, Lexi tailors her strategies to suit each client's situation and goals. She understands one size does not fit all.

With Lexi as your coach, you'll receive customised solutions and accountability to help you increase your income, control your spending and improve your financial trajectory.

Lexi works with clients who earn good money but can't seem to get ahead. They focus heavily on 'mindful spending' and financial literacy. Depending on their needs, Lexi can provide a detailed cashflow analysis and assistance with uncovering client's financial goals. This tends to lead to a natural increase in surplus cashflow. If appropriate, these clients are then referred on to a suitable financial adviser. 

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