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Financial Coach / Money Coach

Financial Coach / Money Coach

I help women manage their finances effectively, increase their income, control their spending and improve their financial trajectory through personalised financial coaching.

Lexi is ready to improve your financial fitness. Her passion lies in empowering mums with the tools and strategies they need to manage their family's finances effectively. Her coaching services are perfect for those who want personalised assistance, but aren't prepared to pay $3,000+ for financial advice (and are not eligible for free financial counselling).  With a toolkit of unique approaches, tips and tricks, Lexi tailors her strategies to suit each client's situation and goals. She understands one size does not fit all.

With Lexi as your coach, you'll receive customised solutions and accountability to help you increase your income, control your spending and improve your financial trajectory.

Location: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
Favourite drink: Mount Franklin Lemon Sparkling Water! 
Best life hack: Boiling water in the kettle before adding it to the saucepan. 
Best piece of advice: Done is better than perfect (I wish I would take my own advice!). 

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Lexi works with clients who earn good money, but can't seem to get ahead. They focus heavily on 'mindful spending' and financial literacy. Depending on their needs, Lexi can provide a detailed cashflow analysis and assistance with uncovering client's financial goals. This tends to lead to a natural increase in surplus cashflow. If appropriate, these clients are then referred on to a suitable financial adviser. 

After a decade in financial planning, Lexi felt the industry failed to adequately address cashflow management, despite it being the foundation of a solid financial plan. She felt the ever increasing regulation in the financial planning industry made it unsustainable for an adviser to dedicate sufficient time to 'financial coaching', hence why the pull to separate them was so strong.

Her peers describe her as an absolute dynamo, who thinks laterally to provide options and solutions that work. She is dedicated to getting to know her clients, believing it is essential to embarking on a successful coaching relationship. As her clients progress down their personal and financial path, Lexi provides a sounding board for ideas and helps them understand their current financial position.

Between November 2015 and November 2020 Lexi was a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). She has also previously consulted to the Financial Planning Association in the education space. In 2020 Lexi was recognised as the 'Most Remarkable Mentor' by Griffith University, after making a substantial contribution to the Griffith Industry Mentoring Program since 2012. She has also imparted her knowledge as a Sessional Tutor at the University.

Outside MoneyVine, Lexi is happiest spending time with her husband, daughter and son. On weekends they can often be found entertaining friends at their home on the beautiful Gold Coast.

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