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Certified Money Coach &
Financial Educator  

Money Coach

I help women feel good about their money - on the inside and outside.

I've been providing financial advice to clients for 20+ years, 14 of those as a Financial Adviser, specialising in supporting women grow and manage their wealth. Always curious about why we do what we do with money, I transitioned down the Behavioural Finance path and now provide Money Mindset & Behaviour coaching - which I believe is the foundation to being better at money: having a healthy relationship with it. I help women who feel confused, overwhelmed and stressed uncover the money blocks holding them back, personally and professionally. For the past 8 years I've been a Director of a NFP, contributing investing skills and expertise for the purpose of giving back to those financially disadvantaged. Qualifications - Bachelor of Accountancy, Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning & Certified Money Coach.

As a former shoe-addict (yes, she understands the temptation of wants vs saving/ investing), I'm committed to showing women what's possible with money from both a psychological and practical perspective.


Location: Adelaide
Favourite drink: T2 New York Breakfast
Best life hack: 
(for saving money on beauty products): Put clumpy/dry mascara in hot water: submerge the mascara tube in a cup of boiling water and let it soak for a few minutes before use. You’ll get a few more weeks out of it. (mine always dries out before I finish the stick)
(for happiness): In every moment, ask yourself “what would love do right now?”. Often, the actions we take with money aren’t very loving to ourselves or future self.
Best piece of advice: At the age of 12 my dad told me to save 10% of every dollar you earn (he gave me the book Richest Man In Babylon – written 100 yrs ago, and the origin of this strategy). Wish I’d followed that advice then! It took me another 20+ yrs to implement.

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More About Me


Karen Eley is the Founder of Women Talking Finance, which provides Money Coaching and financial literacy services, specifically to women.

An experienced and former Financial Adviser who has worked in financial services industry for 22 years. Karen now helps women who feel confused or overwhelmed with money matters to build financial competence and confidence through money coaching.

As a single mother of 2 young children, she understands the pressures of life and as women, we often put other’s needs ahead of our own including financial needs.

Karen is a Certified Money Coach (CMC) ®, holds a Bachelor of Accounting and an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and CFP. She holds director positions on boards for two profit-for-purpose organisations.

She is a regular financial commentator appearing regularly on 5AA radio, podcasts and news media.

Karen is a regular financial commentator appearing regularly on radio, podcasts and news media.

LFC shares my purpose of educating and empowering women (in a fun yet practical way). I really admire the scale and reach of women you have in your community. Marketing is definitely not my zone-of-genius, but putting women in a better position than when they met me is.

The information provided on our website or at this seminar, online course, event, webinar or workshop is general in nature and is not personal financial product advice. Read Full Disclosure Here.