Hi, I’m Gemma,


Money Coach, Director of Cultiver Financial Consulting

Money Coach

I help women become educated, empowered, and equipped with the tools they need to thrive in their financial journey.

Gemma is Financial Adviser and Money Coach with 2 decades experience in financial services. She has a passion for educating, empowering, and elevating women around financial confidence so that they can ultimately live their dream life in control of their financial future.

Location: Australia-wide
Favourite drink: My morning cuppa- English breakfast tea.
Best life hack: A communal closest group chat with my friends where we share our wardrobes and save $$$ instead of buying one off outfits.
Best piece of advice: Just start! Whether it’s fitness or finances, just start.

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More About Me


Throughout my career I have always seen a need for a financial education firm, that focuses on affordable education and financial literacy, to provide a service that bridges the gap between clients needing education and clients being ready to seek holistic financial advice with a financial adviser and the cost that is associated with that.

For over two decades, Gemma has been immersed in the banking, finance and superannuation industries specialising in delivering financial advice, money coaching, mentoring programs for money coaches, delivering international Keynotes, facilitating corporate workshops and developing workplace mastermind sessions.

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