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Money Coach, Founder of Her Money Collective

Money Coach

I help women master their money, gain financial clarity, and achieve lasting financial well-being. 

I'm Amanda Engenheiro, a passionate Money Coach and the founder of Her Money Collective. With over 20 years of experience in Financial Services, including 15+ years as a Financial Adviser, I am dedicated to supporting women in building their financial knowledge and awareness to make intentional decisions, empowering them to take control of their money matters.

My mission is to help women master their money, gain financial clarity, and achieve lasting financial well-being, especially during pivotal changes in their lives. As a skilled Money Coach, I equip my clients with practical tools and techniques to overcome overwhelm and procrastination, fostering consistent action towards their financial goals. My approach is rooted in care, compassion, and kindness, encouraging collaboration without judgment.

Location: Sunshine Coast in Queensland / Australia-wide
Favourite drink: Soda water and Chai tea
Best life hack: Invest in a Garject! Crush your garlic without having to peel it. Such a great little invention! But more importantly, choose to spend your time with people who inspire, encourage, and uplift you. This will significantly enhance your life and well-being.
Best piece of advice: Keep it simple and take one step at a time. Financial well-being is a journey, not a destination. Start with small, manageable changes, and build from there.

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More About Me


I'm thrilled to be an Ambassador for Ladies Finance Club, where I'll continue to support and guide women on their journey to financial well-being. Let's create a positive and empowering financial journey together!

I have been in the Finacial Serivces profession for over 25 years, working as a Financial Adviser for most of this time (18 years advising). While I love helping people with their finances, I found that working primarily with High Net Wealth clients left me wanting something else, feeling unfulfilled and knowing that there was something more I could be doing. I made the leap to sell my own practice in 2021, retired myself from Advising, took a short career break then made the move into Money Coaching... and never looked back! I feel inspired, fulfilled and grateful that I can help more women improve their money skills, gain clarity and build their confidence to achieve lasting financial wellbeing.

After speaking with Molly, I feel that our collective mission is well aligned and I would be honored to work together to support and serve 😄 I love what LFC does, you have a fabulous vibe and have built an incredible community of women. This feels so refreshing and after Advising for so many years, I feel that I have finally found my calling as a Money Coach for women! I absolutely love what I do and feel so passionate about helping loads more women master their financial wellbeing.

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