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Financial Coach & founder of the Inner Money Journey specialising in money coaching

Money Coaching

I help women heal their relationship with money and build strong financial foundations to live a life they love.

Over 13 years of experience in Financial Services and in more recent years I have been a part of the founding teams of exciting fintechs like Xinja Bank and Future You. I've also lead Digital Innovation and Transformation programs for Macquarie Bank. I'm qualified as a mortgage broker, financial advisor and money coach. My passion is helping people heal their relationship with money & build strong financial foundations to live a life they love.

My typical clients include individuals looking to build wealth, couples wanting to become a financial team and individuals navigating a life transition like separation and parenthood who need support getting on top of their money.

Location: Sydney
Favourite drink: Champagne, always.
Best life hack: Glamcorner wardrobe subscription - good for the planet, your hip pocket and your closet!
Best piece of advice: No one will care about your money more than you will. You are responsible for creating your fabulous financial future.

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More About Me


I believe everyone deserves to live a financially free and secure life that allows us to experience true prosperity and our greater purpose.

I believe that the better the skills, knowledge and awareness we have about money, the better choices we can make with our financial resources to live a happy, independent life.

I am qualified as a Financial Advisor, Mortgage Broker and Certified Money Coach. I’ve worked with and advised some of Australia's wealthiest families as a Private Banker at both NAB & ANZ, designed, built and scaled banking operations as the Director of Retail Banking at Xinja Bank, lead digital transformation initiatives with Macquarie Group, and held the position of Chief Revenue Officer at financial wellness fintech Future U.

What I’ve learned through my thirteen years working in the financial services field is that financial well-being is about much more than math and logic. It’s also greatly driven by our emotions and behaviours.

It’s about the things we do daily, the goals we create, the beliefs we hold to be true, and our feelings of self-worth and deserving that drive our financial outcomes. More often than not, our financial well-being is hindered by what we don’t know but more importantly, by our subconscious fears, desires, and impulses.

What I know to be true is that financial advice and planning, while important are insufficient alone in helping us create financial wellness. By combining and addressing both the behavioral side of money with the practical aspects of money, I have been able to create the perfect formula for financial success.

As the founder of the Inner Money Journey, I help my clients build their financial capability from the inside out through a series of money journeys that clients can choose based upon where they are in their lives. It has been a true game changer and I have to say, I am in love with my work. I love it because I get to see the changes on the inside that ultimately result in transforming our external financial reality.

What I’m most proud of is the feedback I get from my clients. They consistently tell me they have a healthier and more supportive money mindset, that their capacity to receive and create wealth has expanded and they are confident because they have a toolkit of strategies to use to create long-term financial freedom.

In addition to running the Inner Money Journey, I enjoy advocating for financial well-being in the media and regularly contribute to finance articles, podcasts, and news outlets as a financial commentator.

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