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Buyer's agents are like having your own savvy friend who's an expert in real estate. They know all the insider tricks and have their own network of property people, so they know when the best deals are and are very good at reading data. Some buyer's agents and advocates will also sit down and help you with a strategy too to build your property portfolio! They find you properties, help you score a sweet deal, and navigate all the paperwork and negotiations. They usually charge a flat fee and if you can't afford one, you can sometimes you can just pay them to consult with you or just do the negotiations or go to the auctions on your behalf!

Here are the buyer's agents/advocates we love working with! You can check them all out on our website https://www.ladiesfinanceclub.com/ambassadors💖


Jo Vadillo, Property Investment Strategist and CEO of Property Women

📍Location: Sydney and Australia-wide

I help women to take action in the property space. Be their wing woman throughout the property buying process. I'm there to guide, educate and ultimately help women step into their own confidence when it comes to investing.

My first love is working with investors. I love the numbers, the research and thrill of the chase for a great deal. I especially love helping women navigate the property world. It has changed my financial position and lifestyle in more ways that I can quantify.

Money conversations need to be had. Women have to take control of their financial futures and not rely on someone else. Education is key here. I also work with a lot of ladies' post-divorce in their 40's and 50's when they have to sell a family home and can only invest funds into a modest house. They often have lower incomes and rubbish super behind them yet do most of the heavy lifting with kids at home.

I was property obsessed and very well versed in the world of property and negotiations because I was an investor myself. I was working in marketing at Fairfax but retrained and became a professional buyer's agent and opened my own business in 2012. It grew really fast, and my husband left his corporate gig to work for me. 

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Julie Crockett, CEO of Australian Property Investment Solutions

📍Location: Sydney and Australia-wide

I help women reach their investment goals with safe Property Investment Strategy, Property Investing courses to understand how investing works as well as my full Buyer's Agent property sourcing service around Australia.

Julie’s vision is to address the knowledge gap that exists for
first time property investors, giving them everything they need to buy their own investment property.

She owes her property investing ‘start’ to receiving a superannuation statement that came in the mail while she was working full time as a teacher. Julie had less than $30,000 in her super account and was completely devastated with such a low super balance. The fear of being poor in her old age jolted her into action. She researched the property market and bought her first investment property in November 2002.

Her investment portfolio kept growing and Julie started sharing her investing skills and helping friends and family to buy investment properties and build their portfolios. Not long after, Julie launched Australian Property Investment Solutions and continues to grow the business with a focus on helping more people to invest so that they can be financially strong and independent in retirement.

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Rhiannan Jenkins, Buyers's Domain

📍Location: Sydney and Australia-wide

I help women realize their ambitions of purchasing a home in Sydney’s competitive market.

Rhiannan’s passion for property developed during the course of purchasing her own investment properties. She learned that buying property demands a variety of skills and proactive management of the moving parts. It is a complex process best handled for professional buyers and Rhiannan wanted to help others get it right.

A licensed buyer’s agent, Rhiannan has since helped many buyers realise their ambitions of purchasing in Sydney's competitive market and is 2022’s REB’s Rising Star of the Year Finalist.

With a background in corporate HR, coupled with several years as a buyer’s agent, Rhiannan’s skills allow her to analyse every property whilst relating key data and information efficiently to clients. These strengths also allow her to be an effective advocate and negotiator for her clients for whom she is dedicated to providing the highest levels of personal service.

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Marion Mays, Thalia Stanley Group and Property for Women 

📍Location: Sydney and Australia-wide

 I help women buy property for a secure future and change their outcomes with money, be it making it, managing it or multiplying it with guaranteed results.

I help women buy property for a secure future and change their outcomes with money, be it making it, managing it or multiplying it with guaranteed results.

I deeply care about the epidemic of poverty being enforced upon Women in Australia and around the world, it will take women to change it for women.

Professionally I have spent 30 years in Financial Services and 20 years in Property mentorship and the past decade in personal Coaching. All while contemplating why do women not have the wealth they need and deserve. So 8 years Ago, I decided to explore this question by bringing my love of Money, Property and Coaching together to champion women into economic empowerment. Since then, I have never looked back. I coach women and couples in the landscape of Making more Money, managing it better and learning how to Multiply it- and property plays a key role in that.

As a human I am one of those people who seem super tough on the outside in attempt to hide my huge mushy heart, I’m deeply sensitive (shhh don’t tell anyone) and my happy place is sprinkling random acts of kindness everywhere together with my 15 year old son. But mostly I’m a woman who refuses to accept the status quo that the face of poverty in Australia is female. I think together with bravery, courage and a willingness we can definitely flip that script.

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Jade FitzgeraldIdeal Buyer's Agency

📍Location: Based in Brisbane service all of Queensland

I help women navigate the complexities of property purchasing, in an environment that should feel safe and fun.

Empowering women on their property purchasing journey especially single women giving them a safe place to bounce ideas - share fears - gain support and eventually purchase a property be it an investment or a place of residence. I am determined to be a part of the solution to the ever growing 55+ women who are the fastest growing homeless population. Women already have less super, lower wages the list goes on...... Yes it's great to get investments now but there needs to be a long term goal and solution for our futures and future financial independence.

It can be a minefield to navigate the property industry without a deep understanding of the current trends and local market or without a Property Investment Strategy. I am your Property MatchMaker - sorting through the rubbish only presenting you with top quality options!

A lot of people ask me to explain exactly what it is I do when I say I am a "Buyer's Agent". Simply put I am here to help you in one of the biggest purchases of your life - with sound knowledge and experience behind me to help you make the best choices in purchasing a property.

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Karen Lacheta-Pell, Propell Property / InvestHer by Propell

📍Location: Gold Coast and Australia-wide

I help women find financial freedom through property, creating security and stability in their life.

I'm incredibly passionate about supporting women and helping them become financially independent. The average woman will retire with half the superannuation funds as their male counterparts. Furthermore, homelessness among women over 50 years is on the rise due to relationship breakdowns and not having superannuation or property/assets. I want to support women and encourage them to find financial independence through property investing to ensure financial security for whatever life might throw at them.

I have extensive history in B2B Marketing and Partnerships working both in Australia and overseas. I joined the family business, Propell Property after having two children. Initially working with B2B relationships I then started connecting with a lot of women in my global network who were ambitious, driven and independent who were interested in property investing but didn't know where to start.

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Lara Moro, Lara Moro Property

📍Location: Melbourne and Australia-wide

I help women enjoy their property buying journey with ease. I give them a roadmap to work through their property dilemma- I am the left-brain thinker that will ensure that they have all the information in order to make the best buying (or selling) decision.

I really want to be able to help women and empower them with their decision on buying a property. Sooooo many woman (or men) sometimes end up not taking action as they sit on the fence and listen to too many varying opinions. I really want to be able to help them make a left-brained decision so that they can feel confident that they have made the right choice of property and have purchased it for the lower price.

I provide clients all the pro’s and con’s of what they are considering buying. There are so many options available that people do not consider when buying a property. I've worked with leading Melbourne developers for close to 20 years in project sales. I understand how apartment buildings are created and the various decisions that developers need to make along the way that can affect the quality and liveability of a building. I always chose to work with quality local developers- those that would commit to what they promised.

Now I am able to offer my clients my services and not have to sell them anything. They are in full control of the process and are educated along the way. I have helped save my clients $000's by ensuring that we set out to buy them a property with a planned strategy and taking advantage of my years of contacts within the real estate industry to make sure that all options are considered- on and off market.

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