Hi, I’m Jade,


Buyer's Agent and Boss Lady at Ideal Buyer's Agency.

Buyers Agent

I help women navigate the complexities of property purchasing, in an environment that should feel safe and fun.

Empowering women on their property purchasing journey especially single women giving them a safe place to bounce ideas - share fears - gain support and eventually purchase a property be it an investment or a place of residence. I am determined to be a part of the solution to the ever growing 55+ women who are the fastest growing homeless population. Women already have less super, lower wages the list goes on...... Yes it's great to get investments now but there needs to be a long term goal and solution for our futures and future financial independence.

It can be a minefield to navigate the property industry without a deep understanding of the current trends and local market or without a Property Investment Strategy.  I am your Property MatchMaker - sorting through the rubbish only presenting you with top quality options!

Location: Based in Brisbane service all of Queensland
Favourite drink: Champagne all day - every day - preferably Rose!
Best life hack: You are never too old to start something new, learn something new or change your career path - be brave and just do it!
Best piece of advice: If you are selling your property - you need a Real Estate Agent. If you are buying a property - you need a Buyer's Agent the game is rigged against the buyer and selling agents work solely for the seller!

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More About Me


A lot of people ask me to explain exactly what it is I do when I say I am a "Buyer's Agent".   Simply put I am here to help you in one of the biggest purchases of your life - with sound knowledge and experience behind me to help you make the best choices in purchasing a property.​

I have been in the sales side of the luxury goods industry for a large portion of my working life and have specialised in the high-end market for many years - making me a killer negotiator and an eye for detail.

So why the move to Real Estate?  I have in general had a long-standing love for real estate and the industry itself.  So, after much consideration I concluded that it is in fact where I should be spending my days. 

Having renovated/styled and sold a property in Sydney, I also managed to buy a house and move interstate during a global pandemic!

With our last move to Brisbane, we engaged a Buyer's Agent and we found using a Buyer's Agent was an extremely beneficial experience having someone else add properties into the mix that we would not have potentially considered, but also the peace of mind that the negotiations and inspections would be taken care of for us.  Different State with different real estate laws and purchasing procedures, it was overwhelming, and it was definitely the best money we spent in the process!  

I loved the process so much....  It also started me on a new journey!  So mid 40s I changed my entire career and started doing what I love!

During intensive mentoring, with one of Brisbane's longest established Buyers Agencies, during the property boom of 2019- 2020, I formed some great long-lasting relationships with agents and I am on their speed dial for Off Market sales! 

I offer a boutique service with limited clients enabling my full attention to your needs, with a beginning to end  approach, meaning I will project manage all the way through till settlement.  My clients appreciate the personalised approach I take to their search, and my ability to put myself ‘in their shoes’ to get the outcome that is best for them!

As a buyer’s agent and advocate, I work on your behalf to find, negotiate and secure the purchase of your next dream home or investment property.

In the same way you work with a mortgage broker to establish a loan and an accountant to manage your finances, working with a buyer’s agent gives you access to a huge professional advantage when it comes to navigating the real estate industry.

I will save you time, money and provide you with insightful expertise as we work together to secure a property that ticks all of the boxes!

I love the thrill of the chase and driving a good and hard bargain which will see you with the best price for your  investments or dream homes.

The information provided on our website or at this seminar, online course, event, webinar or workshop is general in nature and is not personal financial product advice. Read Full Disclosure Here.