Hi, I’m Rhiannan,


Property Buyer's Agent 

Buyers Agent

I help women realize their ambitions of purchasing a home in Sydney’s competitive market.

Rhiannan’s passion for property developed during the course of purchasing her own investment properties. She learned that buying property demands a variety of skills and proactive management of the moving parts. It is a complex process best handled for professional buyers and Rhiannan wanted to help others get it right.

Location: Sydney
Favourite drink: Red wine 😊
Best life hack: The Daily Stoic! It’s at most 3 minutes of your day and every day offers golden life advice that adds a boost of positivity to your day.
Best piece of advice: Forget New Year’s Resolutions and conduct a Past Year Review (PYR) instead’. This is an article by Tim Ferris with a step-by-step guide on creating a PYR instead of wasting time on unrealistic expectations.

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More About Me


A licensed buyer’s agent, Rhiannan has since helped many buyers realise their ambitions of purchasing in Sydney's competitive market and is 2022’s REB’s Rising Star of the Year Finalist.

With a background in corporate HR, coupled with several years as a buyer’s agent, Rhiannan’s skills allow her to analyse every property whilst relating key data and information efficiently to clients. These strengths also allow her to be an effective advocate and negotiator for her clients for whom she is dedicated to providing the highest levels of personal service.

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