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Partnerships Director and Leading Lady of InvestHer by Propell specialising in guiding investors through the process of purchasing an investment property.

Buyers Agent

I help women find financial freedom through property, creating security and stability in their life.

I'm incredibly passionate about supporting women and helping them become financially independent. The average woman will retire with half the superannuation funds as their male counterparts. Furthermore, homelessness among women over 50 years is on the rise due to relationship breakdowns and not having superannuation or property/assets. I want to support women and encourage them to find financial independence through property investing to ensure financial security for whatever life might throw at them.

Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Favourite drink: AM - Coffee & PM - a Spicy Margarita
Best life hack: Use a whisk as a masher to break up mince and cook meat evenly – makes for the best bolognese!
Best piece of advice: Don’t feel you need to do/know it all & don’t guilty for outsourcing. If your time is better spent either making money or spending quality time with your family then I’m all about it!

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More About Me

Giving every woman the confidence and support to start and grow their investment property portfolio.

I have extensive history in B2B Marketing and Partnerships working both in Australia and overseas. I joined the family business, Propell Property after having two children. Initially working with B2B relationships I then started connecting with a lot of women in my global network who were ambitious, driven and independent who were interested in property investing but didn't know where to start.

Busy with her mum and work schedule, Karen’s other loves are pilates and coffee.

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