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CEO of Australian Property Investment Solutions, a Buyer’s Agency founded in 2010

Buyers Agent

I help women reach their investment goals with safe Property Investment Strategy, Property Investing courses to understand how investing works as well as my full Buyer's Agent property sourcing service around Australia.

Australian Property Investment Solutions specifically sources existing properties around Australia for investors who are time poor business executives, corporates and Australian ex pats living overseas.

Julie’s personal investing experience has proven that the length of time you spend in the property market pays off, buying her first investment property way back in 2002 and building a large portfolio of properties as a single mum on a single income.

Location: Sydney and Australia-wide
Favourite drink: Champagne, always.
Best life hack: Investing in property is opening up loan accounts that other people help you pay off while the properties gain in value = wealth
Best piece of advice: Learn to invest in property now so your future 70 year old self will say THANK YOU!

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Julie’s vision is to address the knowledge gap that exists for
first time property investors, giving them everything they need to buy their own investment property.

She owes her property investing ‘start’ to receiving a superannuation statement that came in the mail while she was working full time as a teacher. Julie had less than $30,000 in her super account and was completely devastated with such a low super balance. The fear of being poor in her old age jolted her into action. She researched the property market and bought her first investment property in November 2002.

Her investment portfolio kept growing and Julie started sharing her investing skills and helping friends and family to buy investment properties and build their portfolios. Not long after, Julie launched Australian Property Investment Solutions and continues to grow the business with a focus on helping more people to invest so that they can be financially strong and independent in retirement.

To provide more clarity for first time investors, Julie started providing her written expert commentary for Australian Property investor Magazine in 2017 and to this day her articles continue to deliver current property market information for investors. As well as continuing to run her Buyer’s Agency, Julie created dedicated property investing courses in 2020. Her signature course, The Millionaire Property Investor Program, walks first time investors step by step through each critical stage of buying an investment property.

The courses have been a ‘game changer’ for many new investors with a focus on understanding how to buy their own investment property in a capital city location, within their budget and not make the costly mistakes that many first time investors make.

In 2021, ‘Her Investment Property’ Podcast was launched to provide women with real life examples and some inspiration of other women who are frequently investing and building their own property portfolios. Julie also runs both live and online Events for Property Investors.

Learn more about the Courses here: www.juliecrockett.com.au
Learn from the Podcast here: www.juliecrockett.com.au/podcast
Learn more about the Buyer’s Agency for Investors here: www.apisolutions.com.au

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