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Buyers Agent, Property Investment Strategist and CEO of Property Women

Buyers Agent

I help women to take action in the property space. Be their wing woman throughout the property buying process. I'm there to guide, educate and ultimately help women step into their own confidence when it comes to investing.

My first love is working with investors. I love the numbers, the research and thrill of the chase for a great deal. I especially love helping women navigate the property world. It has changed my financial position and lifestyle in more ways that I can quantify .

Money conversations need to be had. Women have to take control of their financial futures and not rely on someone else. Education is key here. I also work with a lot of ladies post divorce in their 40's and 50's when they have to sell a family home and can only invest funds into a modest house. They often have lower incomes and rubbish super behind them yet do most of the heavy lifting with kids at home.

I'm really passionate about not solely relying on a partner to do the household CFO work. It needs to be a collaboration.

Location: Sydney and Australia-wide
Favourite drink: Before 12pm it is an almond latte. Nice lunch, I am partial to champagne, post 5pm an old original margarita is the winner!
Best life hack: I drive loads of rental cars so my best life hack, whilst a bit boring, comes from the day I realised that on the dashboard there is a little arrow near the petrol pump icon that shows which side of the car you fill up on - total game changer at fuel stops!
Best piece of advice: If you don't ask, the answer is always no' I often ask uncomfortable questions on behalf of my clients and I figure, the worst thing that can happen is that they say no!

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More About Me


I was property obsessed and very well versed in the world of property and negotiations because I was an investor myself. I was working in marketing at Fairfax but retrained and became a professional buyers agent and opened my own business in 2012. It grew really fast and my husband left his corporate gig to work for me. 

Jo Vadillo is a well-respected voice in the property industry, she is an author, professional property buyers agent and provides coaching services to property buyers.

Jo launched the buyers agency, Advocate Property Services, in 2011 to help property purchasers secure great deals seamlessly.

She is also the CEO of Property Women, an educational platform that supports and advocates for female investors.

With more than 20 years of being an active investor herself, she really understands the buyer journey and shares her wealth of knowledge and experience to support her clients in their quest for property success.

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