Top Female Financial Advisors in Australia

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Top Female Financial Advisors in Australia

A financial advisor helps you manage your money by assessing your financial situation, setting goals, creating a personalized plan, offering investment guidance, monitoring progress, providing education, and giving objective advice.

Choosing a good financial advisor can help you avoid these costs and focus on your goals. Financial advisors aren’t just for rich people—working with a financial advisor is a great choice for anyone who wants to get their personal finances on track and set long-term objectives.

Here are some of our favourites out there. ❀

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Alysia Laird, Zebra Tailored Wealth

πŸ“Location: North Shore Sydney, Australia

I help women and young families get control of their financial situation with holistic advice across all areas of their financial world.

Alysia has a natural curiosity to understand individuals. That curiosity is coupled with a desire to give people comfort and guidance as they move through their financial and lifestyle journeys.

Alysia helps many retirees and pre-retirees set themselves up for a comfortable retirement free of financial stress. Her passion is helping women and young families get control of their financial situation with holistic advice across all areas of their financial world. Many of her clients have a firm ethical stance and have a desire to invest their funds in line with their values for a brighter future.

In a profession that sees constant change, Alysia felt the need to move in a new direction to enable her to better meet the varied and ever-changing needs of her clients. This has led Alysia to establish her own advice business, Zebra Tailored Wealth, where she is able to provide tailored solutions that better meet the unique needs of each and every client.

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Catherine Belford, Focused Wealth

πŸ“Location: Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast, Australia

I help single women who feel overwhelmed to get their finances sorted.

Catherine is extremely passionate to see women be able to stand on their own two feet & create a life of joy & abundance. She finds many women she meets don't have someone in their life, especially an expert that can help guide them to make sound financial & life decisions.

From day one Catherine have focused on clients in there 20's, 30's & 40's (and a small handful in their 50's) as her goal is to help them live a life by design through wealth creation, protection & cashflow management. The last 18 months she had a major shift in my business working with more single women, solo mums & couples that don't just require financial support, but money coaching as well. The Money Coaching component of my business works hand in hand with my financial planning business now & allows me to provide a unique offering of coaching & planning.

Catherine takes clients on a journey to uncover what’s truly important to them, helping them feel empowered & in control & that their money is working for them in the best possible way so they can achieve their goals & dreams without financial worry.

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Katherine Spitzkowsky, Rising Tide Financial Services

πŸ“Location: Melbourne, Australia

I help women connect with their money and use it to consciously build their dream life.

What Katherine learned was life changing and she wanted to make sure everyone had the same knowledge and power to make financial decisions for themselves. She quickly became that person who asked the nitty gritty questions; what's your interest rate? How's your super invested? What are your goals in life and how are you going to get there? As long as they knew where they were headed, she felt that she could help them understand the tools available and provide a solution to get there.

Now Katherine has a career where she can share her passion for financial literacy, nerd out reading the small print on financial products and legislation and help people build the life they want.

Katherine mission is to help people with their money, so that they can use it as a tool to build a life of financial independence, freedom and most importantly provide choice.

Connect with Katherine Spitzkowsky HERE


Amie Baker, Rekab Advice and Centsability

πŸ“Location: Bondi NSW, Australia

I help women improve their relationship with money and mindset whilst finding their power in taking control of their financial futures.

Although her profession had her armed with information on how to strategize, plan and manage finances - it has been through her personal experience that has shaped her to be the Financial Adviser and Money Mindset Coach she is today.

Amie guides and educates her clients so they can take control of their finances, make excellent financial decisions, and reach their personal financial goals in a desired timeframe.

Amie has an uncanny knack of being able to explain complex and technical financial issues in a way that is simple and easy to understand and implement. It’s just one of her many ‘superpowers’.

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Michelle Bryant, Parc Wealth Management

πŸ“Location: Adelaide, Australia

I help women understand how to use the resources they have available to them to meet their life goals.

As a female, when disclosing personal information I need respect and empathy. This is what a female Adviser brings to the table. My goal is to make women feel safe and empowered.

Michelle love helping people use the resources they have available to them to reach their goals. Good financial advice allows clients to stop worrying about their financial future and spend more time on their personal wellbeing, spending time with loved ones and having experiences doing things they love.

Michelle is Head of Operations and Compliance for Parc Wealth Management. She is passionate about empowering and educating women in financial literacy. Michelle and her female team deliver services with empathy, compassion and respect for her clients.

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Kerri Davey, Parc Wealth Management

πŸ“Location: Malvern, Victoria, Australia

I help women define their financial goals and give them the strategies, knowledge, and confidence to achieve them.

Kerri really enjoy helping clients define what financial success means to them, planning for it and ultimately achieving it. Whether it's assisting clients to protect what's important, helping them transition through big life changes like promotions, starting families, divorce, retirement or caring for elderly parents, we play a really big part in our clients' lives and seeing it all come together for them is really rewarding. Having worked in a male dominated industry for my entire career, and seeing first-hand the financial disparity that still exists, having the opportunity to help women take leaps in securing their financial future and building their confidence - and their wealth - is a wonderful thing.

Kerri worked with many different clients over that time; from young accumulators needing to balance tight budgets and starting their wealth creation journey to pre-retirees/retirees and older clients needing Aged Care. The fact that every client is different, makes it even more satisfying finding the right solution.

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