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Financial Adviser, Bloom Financial Planning

Financial Adviser 

I help women retire with more. 

Jayde has been a financial adviser since 2012. Through this experience Jayde has met with many people at different stages of life, from clients just starting out on their money journey and to those in, or getting ready for retirement.

This holistic view of clients across many life stages mean she has had the opportunity to see how client's long term money habits can effect retirement outcomes. She believes in helping people create healthy money habits to give people the confidence to live the life they dream of. She is also passionate about helping people understand how to protect themselves in the event of something unthinkable occurring.

Jayde loves helping small business people and understands their unique needs through her experience both in running her financial planning business and in helping establish her husbands construction business.

Location: Brisbane / Australia-wide
Favourite drink: Ice cold water or alcoholic ginger beer
Best life hack: Always carry jumper leads in your car (and learn how to use them). 
Best piece of advice: Don't sweat the small stuff. 

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More About Me


I have found a deep passion for advice for the younger generation with my goal to provide accessible and affordable advice to people that need it the most, to people that a traditional financial planner might turn away. 

I started out as a financial adviser at age 19, after falling into the professional through a conversation at touch footy one night. I started my career in regional NSW, as such providing advice to many small business owners, farmers and local professionals. Over the years I have worked for both small businesses and larger firms including banks and have now started my own financial planning business, Bloom Financial Planning. Whilst working in the banks I was a part of the staff banking team where I provided advice to everyone from "Chief" level management all the way down to entry level roles. This gave me such a diverse view of people, their financial values and beliefs.

After having my two children in 2020 and 2022, it became clear to me that many of my new "mum friends" had limited financial knowledge but were interested to understand how things worked. I had girlfriends asking about the Centrelink Child Care subsidy, how to pay down their mortgage faster, what they should be doing with their super. amongst a host of other money related questions. This gave me a deep passion for helping improve financial literacy, and motivated to start my business.

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