Hi, I’m Alysia,


Principal Adviser
& Founder Zebra Tailored Wealth specialising in financial planning

Finacial Planner

I help women and young families get control of their financial situation with holistic advice across all areas of their financial world.

I help many retirees and pre-retirees set themselves up for a comfortable retirement free of financial stress. My passion is helping women and young families get control of their financial situation with holistic advice across all areas of their financial world. Many of my clients have a firm ethical stance and have a desire to invest their funds in line with their values for a brighter future.

I have been a planner for 20 years now (which really shows my age!). Spent much of my career working at ANZ, before starting Zebra Tailored Wealth in 2019. We have a team who help our clients implement strategies to grow and manage their wealth. We spend a lot of our time focusing on helping women, which was not a strategic decision but a natural progression being a woman myself!

Location: North Shore Sydney
Favourite drink: Gin & Tonic!
Best life hack: JDI – Just Do It!
Best piece of advice: Golly gosh that’s an interesting thing to ask a planner! Haha. Perhaps ‘It is never too late to start owning your future’.

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More About Me


I love helping women help themselves, which is what LFC audience is keen to do.

Alysia has a natural curiosity to understand individuals. That curiosity is coupled with a desire to give people comfort and guidance as they move through their financial and lifestyle journeys.

Her own professional journey as a Financial Planner started in 2001 and continues on that path today. Along the way she worked with two of Australia’s largest Financial Institutions where her professional knowledge continued to grow, as did her passion and capabilities to advise and guide her clients.

In a profession that sees constant change, Alysia felt the need to move in a new direction to enable her to better meet the varied and ever-changing needs of her clients. This has led Alysia to establish her own advice business, Zebra Tailored Wealth, where she is able to provide tailored solutions that better meet the unique needs of each and every client.

Whilst the passion and curiosity mentioned above are key components of a good financial planning relationship, professional academic qualifications are essential. Alysia holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the Australia National University, an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning, and has attained the designation of Certified Financial Planner as well as passing all the FASEA requirements.

The information provided on our website or at this seminar, online course, event, webinar or workshop is general in nature and is not personal financial product advice. Read Full Disclosure Here.