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Financial Adviser for Parc Wealth Management

Financial Adviser

I help women define their financial goals and give them the strategies, knowledge, and confidence to achieve them.

I really enjoy helping clients define what financial success means to them, planning for it and ultimately achieving it. Whether it's assisting clients to protect what's important, helping them transition through big life changes like promotions, starting families, divorce, retirement or caring for elderly parents, we play a really big part in our clients' lives and seeing it all come together for them is really rewarding. Having worked in a male dominated industry for my entire career, and seeing first hand the financial disparity that still exists, having the opportunity to help women take leaps in securing their financial future and building their confidence - and their wealth - is a wonderful thing.

I've worked with many different clients over that time; from young accumulators needing to balance tight budgets and starting their wealth creation journey to pre-retirees/retirees and older clients needing Aged Care. The fact that every client is different, makes it even more satisfying finding the right solution.

Location: Malvern, Victoria and Australia-wide
Favourite drink: Red Wine
Best life hack: Use a butter knife under the lip of hard to open jars; it breaks the seal, and the lid comes off so easily.
Best piece of advice: The more you do, the more you can do.

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More About Me


I have worked in financial advice for over twenty years in a wide variety of roles including administration, operating my own paraplanning service and as a financial adviser. 

Kerri was first authorised to provide advice in 2004.  Kerri has extensive experience with Centrelink and Aged Care Advice, paired with a genuine desire to help clients achieve their financial goals. Kerri enjoys using her experience and strong technical knowledge to develop strategies that work for clients’ day-to-day lives and for their financial future.  Kerri is a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) Professional and has completed the Self-Managed Superannuation Fund specialised education.

The information provided on our website or at this seminar, online course, event, webinar or workshop is general in nature and is not personal financial product advice. Read Full Disclosure Here.