Top Female Mortgage Broker Agent in Australia

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Top Female Mortgage Broker Agent in Australia

Mortgage brokers are like free personal shoppers. They know the shops (loan providers and banks) well and who's going to fit your shape (circumstances). They go out and find you some really good options (loans). And you don't have to pay them - the loan provider does that!

Mortgage brokers are generally the first people you would reach out to as you need to know how much you can actually borrow - or, if we're getting all formal, 'what your lending capability is'. A broker will look at you as a whole picture - your deposit, your spending behaviours, employment situation - and find a loan provider who will be best for you.

Leading Sydney mortgage broker Kathy Euers from INK Wealth, says, 'If you walk into a bank, you're limited. You could be a square peg trying to fit into a round hole with that particular bank's policy. If you use a broker they will have about 30 different lenders and hundreds of different loan options that they can source for you.'

We get asked all the time who we recommend so we have created an ambassadors network of women who we love to work with, you can check them all out on our website https://www.ladiesfinanceclub.com/ambassadors

Grace Bowe, Coast Home Loans 

📍Location: Sydney, Australia

I help women save time, stress and money in helping them get approved for a home loan or get a better deal on their existing loans.

Grace Bowe is the Director of Coast Home Loans and absolutely loves being a mortgage broker. Her clients are all over Australia and she loves helping everyone; be it helping her first home buyers purchase a home for the first time, to making sure her investor clients have their debt structured strategically.

In an industry that can often try to bamboozle with too much jargon, Grace is a clear communicator who prides herself on making the experience of getting a home loan stress free and simple for her clients.

For Grace working independently means she can give unbiased advice, matchmaking people to which bank/ lender is best for them. She loves helping people get into the property for the first time, as well as strategizing for my investor clients on how to best structure their debts.

Connect with Grace Bowe HERE


Emma Stephens, Emma Noosa Mortgage Choice

📍Location: Noosa Sunshine Coast, Australia

I help women to change the financial conversations, translate complex mortgage language and transform the experience of buying a home for all women across Australia. 

As one of Australia’s most trusted Mortgage Advisors, Emma share more than simply creating valuable strategies that position you for financial success; together we have the power to transform your entire experience of finance and wealth...for good. Emma’s extensive knowledge, sharp competence, and engaging warmth helps her align with her team to deliver financial solutions that make sense, create an impact, and provide a legacy.

Even though ‘finance’ is largely experienced as ‘transactional’, it’s the relationships that are the heart of my life’s work, Emma enjoys the way clients treat her like a close friend or family member, with a mutually respectful personable and trustworthy bond.

Inspired by her personal experience as a newly single mum working full-time trying to invest in the security of a buying a home, she's here to change the financial conversations, translate complex mortgage language and transform the experience of buying a home for all women across Australia.

Connect with Emma Stephens HERE


Kathy Euers, Ink Wealth

📍Location: Sydney Northern Beaches, Australia

I help women by empowering them with education, knowledge & advice so that they can achieve their goals and feel confident financially.  We bring your finance goals to life.

Kathy owned her Mortgage Broking Business for 18 years. She started out as a keen property investor and became a finance broker so that she could help other like minded people achieve their goals through property by finding them the right finance and a YES from the banks. 18 years later she helped thousands of customers achieve their dreams.

One of her biggest thrills is using her experience to walk people through their first ever property purchase, be it their dream home or an investment and provide realistic and empowering finance advice.

Kathy and her team pride themselves in delivering exceptional customer service from your first interaction through to your property purchase and beyond! With access to over 50 lenders, and hundreds of loan options, a lending package can be tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

Connect with Kathy Euers HERE


Lisa Bridgett, Savvy Finance Group

📍Location: North Strathfield NSW, Australia

I help women access funds to achieve their life goals. Be it funding their business, buying a new car, drawing out equity from their home or planning how they will afford their next holiday, I've got it covered!

Lisa started her finance business as a solo mum with 2 under 2 yrs. (whilst breastfeeding!) and having had no previous experience in the industry. It took grit and a lot of late nights and tears, but it was worth it to now be in a position to help other women / mothers / powerhouses to use funds to build their dreams. She has a soft spot for fellow solo mums, women just getting started on the property ladder and she loves brainstorming with my fellow entrepreneur lady bosses.

Lisa is passionate about helping other women with their finances, loves to educate and facilitate growth by using funding as a steppingstone and she loves nothing more than seeing a woman own her life and her finances and to soar as a result!

With two young children and understands the challenges of parenting and finding balance in life. She doesn’t mind if your children run in and out of the screen during zoom meetings or if you just need a glass of wine to wind down during your session.

Connect with Lisa Bridgett HERE


Carla Nesci, Nurse Money

📍Location: Sydney, Australia

I help women attain financial independence and build a solid foundation for the future through personalised home loan strategies and expert guidance. Together, let's pave the way to financial success! 

As a mortgage and finance broker, Carla strive to deliver exceptional service and make a tangible difference in the lives of her clients. From working with a diverse range of clients with unique goals and needs, She found her greatest achievement in starting her own specialized business.

Carla's goal is to offer her clients the best possible options and advice, no matter where they are or what they need. She developed a specialized business for nurses, an underserviced community of professionals. By focusing on this industry niche, She feel proud to give back and make a real difference in the lives of nurses across Australia. Through her work, she's able to offer tailored advice and solutions to support this important group of professionals.

Ultimately, her greatest achievement as a broker lies in the countless success stories, she's been a part of throughout my career. From helping families achieve their dreams to supporting investors in achieving their financial goals, every client she worked with has left an indelible mark on her journey as a broker.

Connect with Carla Nesci HERE

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