Hi, I’m Rachel,


Mortgage Broker and Property Finance Expert at Unbroke

Mortgage Broker and Property Finance Expert

I help women feel confident about their financial future by guiding them through the process of purchasing property and helping them understand their finances in a way that is relevant to them and free from intimidating jargon.

After teaching myself how to invest and purchasing my first property in 24, I've developed a passion for sharing what I've learned and helping other women to take control of their finances. That's why I started Unbroke, because I love the fact that mortgage broking allows me to really help people understand property and their money goals without needing to pay any service fees.

My professional history is both in finance, being Head of Strategy at Superhero (share trading and superannuation) and in ecommerce (at eBay for 4 years). I have a personal passion for investing and women's finance, which is why I started Unbroke!

Location: Sydney and Australia-wide
Favourite drink: Prosecco
Best life hack: Work hard, be kind, have fun!
Best piece of advice: Time is our most valuable asset - spend it on things that matter and invest the rest.

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More About Me


After buying property in her early twenties, I didn’t feel that the process matched the needs of the new generation getting into the property market.

Rachel started out her career in eCommerce and Fintech, with roles at eBay, FinTech Australia and leading marketing and partnerships for Superhero, an investment and superannuation startup listed as one of LinkedIn’s Top Startups for 2022. Rachel’s current role at Superhero is Head of Strategy.


  • UNSW Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op Scholar)
  • Cert IV and Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking
  • RG146 in securities, superannuation and life insurance


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