I felt like a fraud...

home buyer homeownership property Mar 20, 2024

By Molly Benjamin, Founder of Ladies Finance Club

I'm not going to lie... for many years, I thought owning a property was impossible for me. I had started a business that paid me a pretty modest salary. Yes, I had savings, but I didn't think it was enough.

So, what did I do?


I waited...

And waited...

I was waiting for the 'right time' (which I learnt there's never a right time). Like all investments (property included) this is for the long term. I was waiting until I knew where I wanted to live, waiting till I met someone who I could settle down with, waiting till interest rates would come down or property prices (which they didn't).

Waiting and waiting.

I would host these sessions all about getting on the property ladder but I felt like a bit of a fraud... I didn’t EVEN own a property.

So last year, I did something.

I set up a program called Get Buyer Ready – it was a 6-week program to help women go from stalling to buying.

I literally created the program I needed - cause I thought if I need this maybe other women out there need it too. And maybe it won't be so scary if we do it all together.

Guess what happened?

Through the program, I got over the blocks that were holding me back (it’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it's me). Marion May who is one of Australia's leading property experts and strategies and who runs this program showed me how.

I learned about different types of property through Australia's leading experts, and I used a buyer's agent to help me find a property where I  only needed a deposit of $57k.

Even better, since then we have had 3 other women also buy property and another one is about to settle next week.  

This is a picture of the property I bought in Toowoomba!

Now, sharing this isn't about bragging (that’s just not me), but it's to inspire anyone out there, like the 'Mollys', who are waiting for a sign, waiting to feel ready, or always thinking 'maybe next month'.

You don't have to wait!

In our Get Buyer Ready Program – Marion May and the team of experts have one sole goal.

TO GET YOU ON THE PROPERTY LADDER and not just into any house or home but one that fits exactly where you are in life, whether that might be to rent out or to buy to live.

This is what Libby said about the program.

"I joined the course with next to no knowledge about the process. The journey was engaging and insightful and had me opening my eyes more to day-to-day decisions both at a micro and macro level. It gave me the confidence to understand the market and how I can be part of it. Today, I am just a week away from signing off on my first property, and I would easily be years off had I not had the opportunity from this program."

In this program, we are only taking on 20 participants and we have had 9 spaces filled already. Once the places are gone - they are gone.

We kick off end of April 2024 - get in touch with us at [email protected] if have any questions or click HERE to learn more on how to apply.

Are you ready to become


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