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It’s the Aussie dream to own your own home but with house prices going crazy, and when you need a small mortgage to afford your daily coffee, how can you get on the property ladder?

Drumroll please and welcome to our brand new course getting you on the...

Property ladder faster


Over 6 weeks we’ll show you how to creatively get your deposit together, have you finance ready, grant ready, educate you on the top hot spots to purchase for property growth in each state,  and help you hack any glitches that stand in your way, to becoming a property owner.  

Are you tired of watching The Block and dreaming of owning your own place?

Well, it's time to stop dreaming and start doing with our "Get Buyer Ready Program"!

In this program, together we will journey through a proven formula that has worked for so many women who are now proud homeowners.  No fluffing around trying to figure it out on your own, we've got you with this proven step by step plan to buying your first property, with industry insider knowledge that will save you time and money, together with hacks and alternative ways to get to property ownership sooner!

Join this program and become part of a community of savvy women who are taking control of their financial futures. We believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to own a home and build financial security for herself (and if she has one, her family). That's why we offer a safe and welcoming space for women to learn, grow, and connect with other like-minded individuals who share their goals and aspirations & are taking the same journey.

In the words of Marion MAYS

“Every woman should own one little black dress in her wardrobe and at least one piece of real estate in her own name”


Think of us as your home-buying BFFs.

So if you have always been saying:

I want to buy a property (but you have been saying this for over 2 years)

I’m not sure how much of a deposit I need or what my borrowing capacity even is.

What if I can’t afford it or interest rates go up? (We have solutions no one has told you about) 

But my finances are all over the show (we can help with that)

Now is your time!




3 x 60 min
Masterclasses + LIVE Q+As

We will guide you through the 'must knows' that could cost you thousands! 

1 x Facebook Community 

Get access to our Facebook group where you can ask questions!

Your pre-approval DONE! (Your finance all organised for you- so you are purchase ready)

Our lending expert will tell you what your current lending capacity is or show you how you can improve it fast.

1 x Online Property
Expert Evening

with a mortgage broker, buyers agent and renovator, surveyor! You can ask your questions in different Zoom rooms.

 Meet the CHAMPION of PROPERTY, the investment ninja, the financial trailblazer, spilling all the HACKS...Your COACH, Marion Mays!

Marion Mays



Hi! I’m Marion and I have spent 30 years in Financial Services and the last 20 years in property mentorship and the past decade in personal coaching. All while contemplating why do women not have the wealth they need and deserve. So 8 years ago, I decided to explore this question by bringing my love of Money, Property and Coaching together to champion women into economic empowerment. Since then, I have never looked back. I coach women and couples in the landscape of making more money, managing it better and learning how to multiply it- and property plays a key role in that.

Hello friend! Welcome! 

This program is about getting you ‘BUYER READY FAST’

After this program you will: 


Have resolved any stories limiting beliefs or self-sabotage that has been standing in your way of becoming a homeowner.

Have total peace of mind knowing that you are now finally, finance ready with all the things you didn’t even know you needed, credit reports, preapprovals, most appropriate grants for your situation and the right amount of deposit money (which may be less than what you thought you actually needed)

You have absolute clarity on all the different types of property options and which ones are a good match for you and those you may need to avoid, plus all the safety checks you must do before buying a property to ensure you don’t run into trouble.

Have a step by step plan that is personal to you, with your next best steps clearly spelled out on how to move the next base of becoming a property owner.


And all your questions answered by industry experts, including the top hot spots for growth across Australia.


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Ladies who love Marion!

(Apart from us obvs)! 

Amanda Murdoch

Medical Scientist at Melbourne Health
November 18, 2021, Amanda was Marion's client


Marion helped me buy my first home. Thank you!

In doing a financial literacy coaching course with Marion in 2020, I developed some skills and understanding
of finances and started taking responsibility for where I want to be financially in life.

This allowed me to contemplate buying a property. I undertook a program with Marion to buy a property with her support, and guidance. I could actually buy a property that I wanted to live in, I could still afford to have: a life and I could do it solo. Amazing revelation to me!

Marion was there through the whole process to coach, give support and also offer a very unemotional and clinical review of the properties I was looking at buying. It enabled me to trust the decisions I made along the way and trust that I would be buying a great property.

Thank you, Marion for the help, support, encouragement and coaching in financial literacy skills that allowed me to buy my first property. Quite simply, your work has changed my life forever for the better.

Elizabeth Haines

Fundraiser, counsellor, social change entrepreneur, mum
December 13, 2021, Elizabeth was Marion's client

I have just completed the VIP Financial Education program with Marion.

For years I have had free floating anxiety about not having my money situation sorted out and not understanding what I needed to know and do to set myself and my family up for financial freedom. The education I received in the past 90 days has shown me that there are simple steps to follow regarding making, managing and investing money which reliably result in success.

With Marion's mentorship, | have made huge strides in achieving my dream to build a custom home in a beautiful country location that is a home for me and my family AND that can generate a separate income.

Together with her incredible extended team of licensed experts, Marion has also helped me organise insurances and complete estate planning that will protect my family and I in case of sickness or death.

The Thalia Stanley Group VIP financial education program also helped me see where fears and unhelpful beliefs were holding me back from achieving my dreams.

I would recommend anyone who wants compassionate, committed, individualised, caring support on the journey to achieving financial literacy and freedom to work with Marion. She has your back the entire way. A reminder that successful people who ask for her get the support they need.

Penny Marangos

Training | Continuous Improvement | Leadership | Facilitator

For a number of years I have been committed to up leveling my knowledge in all things money and financial literacy. During this journey I have worked with Marion Mays, the CEO of Thalia Stanley Group, I have attended her masterclasses, live workshops and experienced one on one Mentoring and Coaching with her personally.

From this experience, I can share that Marion is an outstanding financial literacy coach and leader, she operates from a place of integrity and ‘walks the talk. She is knowledgeable, professional, reliable, trustworthy and genuinely cares. More so she is committed to empowering professional women with the knowledge they need to make their own informed decisions, with the help of her extended team of experts.

Having known Marion for a number of years, | recently reached out to her for support with respect to selling one of my properties, Marion introduced me to an extended team member, a licenced real estate agent.

The sales campaign was so successful that we achieved a record selling price for the area that exceeded all of our expectations.

Preparing a home for sale is no easy feat, but with the contacts and trusted suppliers of Thalia Stanley Group, I was able to efficiently, and more importantly, cost effectively navigate the process with ease.

My ability to navigate intelligently and intuitively financially meant I could take on the project management, but I would not have been able to move as confidently or get as good a result without Marion and her team in my corner.

If you are a woman (or man) and you need help that is empowering, uplifting and inspiring I have no hesitation in recommending Marion or Thalia Stanley Groups services.