Top Female Family Lawyer in Australia

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Top Female Family Lawyer in Australia

When it comes to starting or ending a relationship, a question that can come up is "what happens to the finances?!" 🤔

Often it can feel like you have to work it out alone (or just worry about it forever), and we're here to tell you... you don't have to! There are incredible family lawyers out there that work with people in all sorts of situations - from entering new relationships and wanting to protect their wealth to going through the process of separation / divorce and wanting support.

Wherever you're at on your journey and whatever your needs may be, you can get support along the way. Here are some incredible women we love who have supported thousands to date in the world of navigating relationships and finances. ❤️

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Rebecca DahlNicholes Family Lawyers

📍Location: Melbourne and Australia-wide

I help women before, during and after relationships to help them navigate the family law and achieve the best outcomes for them and their families to help them move onwards, and upwards.

Bec approaches all her matters with a human, caring approach and with an understanding that reflects the complexity and anxiety that is often associated with family law issues. Clients rely on Bec for her compassionate yet robust approach in looking after their needs.

Bec is a seasoned family law expert and Partner at Nicholes Family Lawyers. Bec assists clients to achieve outcomes that work (practically, emotionally, financially) - across the full breadth of family law services. Bec is dedicated to helping people before and after separation/divorce so they can live the best life they can, achieving outcomes that contain costs and risk, reduce anxiety and long-term damage, helping the LGBTQI+ community navigate donor agreements, parenting disputes, property agreements and disputes, donor / surrogacy arrangements, helping grandparents build and maintain valuable and life changing connections with their grandchildren and also representing clients on issues across the lifespan of a relationship: from binding financial agreements (BFAs) (or ‘’pre nups’’) to marriage to separation/divorce and spousal maintenance to child support.

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Tessa Kelman, Lander & Rogers

📍Location: Sydney and Australia-wide

When love and money collide, I help women understand, advocate for and protect their legal interests.

I am incredibly passionate about educating women in relation to their finances and rights as they relate to family law issues which not only deal with divorce, children’s care arrangements or the division of assets, but also planning their finances from the beginning to end of a relationship. It is important that women understand how the family law process works and are able to establish their finances in a way that will protect them if a separation did occur in the future. This can be done in many ways and forward planning is the key to ensuring that the financial impact of a separation is minimised.

Tessa has worked exclusively in family law since 2013. During this time, she has worked on a range of complex matters involving property and parenting issues both during private practice and while as a legal associate at the Family Court. Tessa has a particular interest in financial matters involving large asset pools and complex corporate structures. Her previous commercial experience creates a basis for her pragmatic and strategic approach to family law matters, particularly those that involve complex financial issues.

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