The ESG revolution – what is behind it?

Jul 08, 2021


I’m not a female portfolio manager, but a portfolio manager who happens to be a female, and in what is often referred to as an ‘old-fashioned’ and male-dominated industry, I’m here to break the mould.

My first job out of university was an operational role for another fund manager. I still remember googling ‘impressive Excel skills for interview’ the night before my first real job interview, since a pie chart probably wasn’t going to cut it. When they actually asked me that question, my answer was a pivot table, not even a vlookup.

It’s been seven years since, a few role changes and here I am now at BetaShares. I wanted to be a portfolio manager because I want to be able to drive change and to make an impact, which is also why I’m interested in ESG, and have been for as long as I can remember. Maybe it was all the National Geographic and David Attenborough that I watched growing up, or maybe it’s because it has taken so long for ESG to become mainstream. There is still so much work to be done, but ESG is the future, and you can start making an impact right now through sustainable investing.

I will be contributing regularly to Launchpad, showing you a different side to portfolio management and offering insight into all things ETF and investing.

Here, I discuss the ESG movement, how it has been shaped from current events and the tangible impact it can have on your investments. ESG investing is not only changing the way we invest, but also changing the role investing has in society.

Originally posted on Betashares.com.au

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