LFC Money Tales

Sep 05, 2022
Women share how they budget, save, and spend money in Australia.

Want to check out what your fellow LFC ladies spend each month/year? 🤑

We have interviewed our LFC ladies to tell us more about their money tales! 

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Age: early 30s

Job: Tradie (him), Maternity leave (her)

Status: married

Kids: 2

Location: QLD

Income per month: $8,200

No investments.

Home & utilities: $2,000

Insurance & financial: $600

Groceries: $1,800

Personal & medical: $1,600

Entertainment & eating out: $650

Transport & auto: $900

Children: $550

Total expenses: $8,100

$100 surplus per month



First name: Amber

Age: 30

Single/Married/Divorced/ Widowed: Single/Very new relationship

Job 💼 : Government

Income per year 💰: $114,000 (just changed from (98k) Net

Income per month 💰: $9500 net

Prices per year

Home + Utilities 🏡 : $50640

Insurances + Financials 📁:  $41220

Groceries🛒: $4200 

Personal and Medical 🩺 : $4390

Entertainment + eating out 🍿 :  $4144

Transport + Auto 🚗 : $3740

Children costs: N/A

How do you budget (spreadsheet, excel, app, my head etc)? Very basic spreadsheet but I know the majority of figures off the top of my head.

How often do you review your budget? Rarely (6-12 months, or on needing changes)

Growing up did you worry about money? Yes a little, My Family was always quite broke.

What’s your earliest money memory? I remember counting money with my teacher in maybe grade 1 or 2.

Now as an adult do you worry about money? No, I did in my late teens/very early 20's. But not since maybe age 24.

What is the biggest money lesson you learned? You will never know enough, so you may as well start now or you never will (if you wait for 'enough' knowledge).

A money mistake you made before? Getting married? Buying a new car?

The last most ridiculous thing you spent money on? A tattoo only to spend hundreds/thousands more getting it removed.....

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