Introducing a new podcast to help you “get rich slow”

budgeting finance investing podcast Apr 17, 2023
Introducing a new podcast to help you “get rich slow”

Written by Pearler

At Pearler, we’ve always been huge fans of the Ladies Finance Club podcast. We’re fully on board with the mission to educate women on personal finance and help them achieve their money goals. We love the jargon-free environment Molly creates as she interviews her knowledgeable guests on topics from investing to money mindset. That’s why we’re thrilled to be co-launching a podcast that continues LFC’s mission. Welcome to the Get Rich Slow Club podcast! 

The podcast will be hosted by Natasha Etschmann (better known as Tash Invests) and Ana Kresina, our Head of Product & Community. Tash has previously been a guest on the LFC podcast and Ana was lucky enough to host Molly on a separate podcast. It’s the full circle moment we didn’t even know we needed!

The Get Rich Slow Club podcast is the perfect podcast to sit alongside LFC in your finance podcast library. The podcast touches on personal finance, but focuses on the ins and outs of long term investing (our bread and butter). 

Before we get into it any further, let’s introduce you to our hosts.


The hosts that bring the most

So, who are Tash and Ana?

Tash is living proof that you don’t need to work in finance to get a good handle on your own finances. She works in disability support and believes that personal finance and investing don’t have to be scary. Tash bought her first shares at the age of 18 and is on the road to financial freedom within the next 15 years (fingers crossed)!

Ana is a Canadian expat living in Australia, also on the journey to financial independence. Ana aims to live way below her means and invest the rest. The goal is to reach financial independence to spend time doing the things she loves, with the people she loves. Start a conversation with Ana on ethical investing and she’ll give you a lot to think about!

There’s a reason why these ladies are hosting The Get Rich Slow Club podcast. They know their stuff. What’s more, they’ve lived it. 


A peek into the podcast

Through the podcast, Tash and Ana share their stories along with practical information to help you invest confidently and achieve your financial goals.

In the first episode alone, they share their “whys”, chat about investing mistakes, and answer the age-old question: “what is compound interest?” You can already tell it’s going to be a good one. 

Okay, we know you also want to peek into other episodes, so here’s cliff notes version…in future episodes, the ladies dive into:

        💋 Popular types of investments

        💋 Investing strategy 

        💋 How to understand the stock market

        💋 How to set saving and investing goals 

        💋 Mastering money psychology, and overcoming limiting beliefs 

        💋 Understanding index funds and ETFs 

        💋 Earning investing income from dividends

        💋 Investing in shares vs micro-investing 

All of these are shared with relatable anecdotes to bring the topics to life. The Get Rich Slow Club podcast makes boring long term investing less, well, boring. 

If you're looking for some additional listening after your most recent LFC episode, check it out. 🤗

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