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Lisa Simpson Ladies Finance Club

Lisa Simpson

Debt Expert
8:30pm, 8 April 2020
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COVID-19: Coping with change financially

We want to help you stay financially resilient during these challenging times.

We are fortunate that former financial counsellor and debt expert Lisa Simpson will join us for 45mins to talk about how we can cope financially during COVID-19. Lisa has helped thousands of Australian manage their money during the toughest of times including, disasters, global financial crisis, floods + fires, bankruptcy and she is going to share her insight and tips with us.

Half of us Aussies have less than $7,000 in the bank, according to the Grattan Institute, so if you have found yourself in a situation where:

– You’re feeling overwhelmed

– You have lost your job

– You think you might lose your job or;

– Your income has reduced then tune is as Lisa explains what our options are.

Where you can go for help and information

Strategies for managing debt

What government support options are there including relief and if you're eligible

Needs vs Wants

And more



Tessa Kelman

Senior Associate at Lander and Rogers
7 April
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Starting a Family as a Same Sex Couple - What you need to know!

About this Event

Our society is evolving and so is the definition of family. What is a family? A family is a unit where adults care for children with love.

Same Sex Marriage has been legal in Australia since December 2017 (Hoorah!) and an increasing number of same sex couples are considering starting a family. With this decision comes a few extra complications to navigate. There’s the considerations around how you will start a family. Will it be through



surrogacy or

perhaps sperm donation and IVF?

And what are both the financial & legal implications of that decision? Well, Ladies Finance Club is all about helping ladies stay savvy when it comes to the big decisions in life. Join our Head Money Coach, Betsy Westcott as she asks family lawyer, Tessa Kelman, what to consider before starting a family.

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Kathy Euers

Managing Director of INK Wealth
20 April 2020
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How to get on the property ladder

It’ s an Aussie dream to buy your own home, but where do you even start and how much will you need?

We have one of Australia’s top senior mortgage specialists, Kathy Euers, Managing Director of INK Wealth who is going to break it down for us. So if you are brand new or maybe thinking that you would like to buy property then you won’t want to miss this free 45min webinar.

As always the content is purely educational.

We will cover the whole journey from researching through to signing the contract. Kathy will also share all her tips and tricks including:

Understanding who is involved

How to research the area you are buying into

How to calculate how much you can afford to spend and repay

How to obtain pre-approval for how much you can borrow

How to make an offer

How to review contract of sale (with solicitor/conveyancer and apply for formal loan approval

Why you need to organise building insurance

How to arrange pest and building inspections

What happens when you exchange contracts

How do you decide whether you want a ‘cooling off’ period

When does the settlement takes place

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Katie Bryan

Chartered Accountant & Director of Propeller Advisory
22 April 2020
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Business Finance 101 for Freelancers and Business Owners - Boss Lady Style

If you’re a freelancer, business owner or thinking about starting then join us for this FREE webinar!

Some of the world’s most valuable companies today were founded during the last global financial crisis, including Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest, WhatApp and a bunch more.

So if you freelance or are thinking about starting a business then join us for this Business 101 as Katie breaks down what we really need to be aware of when starting out. We will cover:

How to choose the best business structure

  • types of structure (ST, Partnership, Company, etc)
  • benefits and disadvantages of each
  • How to register a business

What sort of Tax and GST do you need to pay?

  • what is it
  • do we need to charge it
  • key dates

What are the key numbers you need to know

  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet
  • What are your key numbers

What are the key numbers you need to know

  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet
  • What are your key numbers

What are the key numbers you need to know

  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet
  • What are your key numbers

How to manage your accounts

  • How to set up your bank accounts for success.

Grants/ funding COVID19

  • What is available for female business owners.



Tessa Kelman

Senior Associate at Lander and Rogers
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Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

We get it, in the early stages of romance when things are getting hot and heavy raising the subject of money can be a real buzz kill. And when is the right time to even have the money conversation? Okay maybe the first Bumble date is too early but you also don’t want to be walking down the aisle and find out your love is up to their eye balls in debt.

We here at LFC we don’t want you to catch any STDs (sexually transmitted DEBTS). So we have put together a free webinar with family lawyer and expert Tessa Kelman from Lander & Rogers, to tell us about ‘what we really need to know’ so we can confidently turn to our partner and say, “Honey, it’s time to talk about the money.”

…Plus we think there’s nothing sexier than a woman who is financially independent (hot damn).

Topics will include:

What does a de facto relationship really mean?

How should you structure your finances to put yourself in the best position if you were to separate in future?

If Marriage is on the cards, how does this impact your finances and what discussions should you have with your partner?

Prenups and postnups, what are they and should you enter one, and is it too late if you're already married

How do you start the conversation about money and what questions should you ask?

What do you do if you both approach money with different values?

If you think your marriage/relationship is falling apart, what do you do and where do you start?

How do you protect property you already own before you get married

If one you or your partner is from a different country and separated, can you go home without your partner's consent?



Victoria McLean

Founder and CEO of City CV.
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10 LinkedIn Secrets Revealed | Get the job and money you deserve

help you create an attention-grabbing, keyword optimised and 100% complete LinkedIn profile which will help you stand out.

With over half a billion million members, LinkedIn is the world’s premier professional networking site. An incredible 97% of head-hunters use LinkedIn as their primary candidate source, even more so for senior hires. However you may feel about social media, you can’t afford to neglect your LinkedIn profile.

In this practical live training session, Victoria will provide workable tips on how to write a compelling LinkedIn profile that will drive your career forward, and how to use it to refine your professional brand, move up the rankings and expand your network in a competitive market.

Make your LinkedIn profile shine with the best keywords

Exploit LinkedIn algorithms to beat the ‘LinkedIn Robots’.

Portray yourself as an invaluable commodity.

Develop your online brand for your sector – your unique differentiator and more.

The ideal headline and summary - why every character counts

The perfect upload and privacy.

Expand and manage your network.

The best LinkedIn groups for you.

Be an ‘Expert' in your niche - blog, share, excite.



Victoria McLean

Founder and CEO of City CV.
This is a past -recording
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Give your CV a makeover and get that job!

Looking for a change of direction, the next step in your career or just more flexibility? We are going to be breaking down what recruiters really look for in a CV, and give your CV the makeover it deserves.

Ladies Finance Club and City CV, the international award-winning career consultancy, partnered to run this webinar that will help you create a strong and authentic CV which will get you noticed for the right reasons.

Expertise and insider knowledge gathered from years of CV writing and recruiting will be shared, including:

CV evolution - how AI and algorithms can make or break your career (and how to beat the CV robots)

Soft skills to avoid in your CV - how to show, not tell

Three essential items in every bullet point

The competencies you must include

Being 'smart' - how to sell yourself every step of the way

Avoid the formatting errors that guarantee rejection from most CV screening systems

The two mistakes that 97% of hirers will reject your CV for

Live Q&A session at the end