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Investing Part 2: Girls just wanna have funds with Emma Kirk


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Investing Part 2: Girls just wanna have funds with Emma Kirk


Welcome to Investing Part 2 with Emma Kirk. If you didn’t get to listen to Part 1 yet, go check it out now to get the low down on the basics of investing.

In this episode, we run through the steps to placing your first trade and how you can match your values with your investing. Woohoo!

First up, we discuss the different share trading platforms and how they work. Emma explains what to look out for when you’re choosing your platform, including brokerage fees. We also touch on micro-investing and the benefits of these platforms if you’re just starting out. Don’t underestimate the power of investing small amounts regularly!

Next, you need to do your research as to what you want to invest in. Emma explains the options that are available including individual Australian shares, international shares and prepackaged options like Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)  There are a range of options, it's just about finding out what's right for you.

Emma breaks down the actual steps you go through when buying a share. From choosing the share, what buying at limit or market means (and why it’s different for ETFs) to why the settlement has a funny reference next to it. Plus, why it’s super helpful for tax time to make sure you make a note somewhere of your original purchase price!

Finally, we discuss a topic I’m very passionate about which women are absolutely leading the charge on - ethical investing. Essentially this is investing to match your values. Emma explains the broader term behind this - ESG (environmental, social and governance). You can do your own research and choose companies based on what they stand for, or there are some really great pre-packaged ethical options with ETFs. By owning shares in companies that are doing the right thing, you can force change, which is so powerful.

Ladies, investing is not complicated. You’re going to feel so empowered and absolutely ready to buy your first shares after listening to this episode!

Resources mentioned:

Online brokers mentioned: Commsec / nabtrade / Self Wealth / Pearler / CMC Markets  /  Bell Direct  /  eToro  /  IG  /  Superhero  /  Stake  /  Open Markets  /  CommSec Pocket


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