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Want to learn the basics of investing?  


Attention ladies

Want to learn the basics of investing?  


This course is for you if:

  • You have money sitting in a savings account and you don't know what to do with it.
  • Want to start investing but not sure how to get started
  • Don't want to get to 60 and have no investments
  • Want to make money from long-term investing in the stock market
  • You've tried learning about investing, but hit snooze-ville cause it was pale, stale and boooooring! 
  • You're overwhelmed at where to begin learning about the stock market.
  • You want to have enough for a comfortable retirement so you can cruise around the Mediterrane with your gal pals! 

With the cost of living going up (inflation) it means there’s a high chance your money sitting in the bank is going backwards!

So if you have always wanted to learn how to invest but never knew where to start, were confused by the jargon, scared you will lose all your money or simply just thought the stock market wasn't for you? Then we got you!

Currently, women are living longer and earning less so we need to make sure our money is working as hard as we are and investing is a great way to achieve this.

We believe learning about investing doesn’t have to be confusing, complicated ...snoozeville stuff. In fact, it can be simple, fun, empowering and profitable when done right!

PLUS you get 3 bonuses:

Our favourite downloadable tools and investing templates! 

How to videos - showing you how to invest via different brokers. 


Access to 2 Bonus Masterclasses on FIRE and Crypto basics!


More than 35,000 women from Australia and the UK have participated in our masterclasses, courses, programs or events! 

I feel quite inspired now!

"I do have some spare money I can invest each month and I was feeling like it was pointless before the event and I feel quite inspired now".

Leanna, 36, Sydney

I jumped online and bought my first ETFs!

"This taught me everything I needed to feel confident to get into the investing game. The next morning I jumped online and bought my first ETFs! Thanks so much for the fun sessions."

Maddy, 26, Canberra

I now feel ready to start investing in my future

I found this invaluable in building my confidence, they helped me learn so much in such a short space of time. I now feel ready to start investing in my future. Thank you so much!

Katy, 31 Brisbane

About your hosts! 

Molly Benjamin

Founder of Ladies Finance Club and Financial Educator

Danielle Ecyuer 

Author of Award Winning Shareplicity book series and Ex-Stockbroker

What You Get

Access to over 27 videos 

We take you through all the basics plus how to set up a broker account so you can purchase investments

How the stock market works

What the stock market is and types of assets types you can invest in.

Learn how to place a trade

We will walk you through the steps to place your first trade.

How to reduce risk

The different levels of risk involved and how to diversify your investments

We walk you through different investment platforms

Self Wealth, Pearler, Shareies, nabtrade, Spaceship we give you an inside peak of 6 platforms! 

How to invest to match your values

Did you know you can invest in companies that are aligned with your values? We show you what to look for! 

The difference between active vs passive investing  

What's the difference? We break down these two different investing styles! 

What's the deal with fees 

High fees can eat into any profits so how much is too much? We reveal all!