The Apartment Buying Masterclass 

(Everything you need to know before you go shopping for your apartment)


with Lara Moro, Buyer’s Advocate and Property Buying Mentor

Monday, April 15, 2024

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM (AEST)


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About the Event

Have you worked out that you want to buy an apartment but don’t know where to start? Or you’ve seen a few and they all look similar and yet none of them excite you?

In this masterclass you will learn how to buy an apartment using 5 core steps. We will expose all the myths- good and bad about apartments and how to navigate through the hundreds of available apartments for sale with a clear process giving you confidence to make the right decision for you and knowing that you have bought a great space at the best price.

You'll leave knowing:
🏠You will learn how to differentiate between good apartments and that you’ll feel great about living in and owning, and those to steer clear from.
🏠We will expose the tricks of the real estate trade and train you on how to negotiate buy at the lowest price and save yourself thousands of $.
🏠Have a clear roadmap of the process so that you are prepared at each stage.
🏠We will show a way that our audience can have their cake and eat it too! They can continue to live in their rental apartment, and also own a property that will have a better capital growth outcome for them.
🏠Outline the figures & pro’s & con’s in a simple table and compare a purchase of an apartment as an owner occupier vs purchase of a house as an investor and paying rent in the apartment. 

 Lara Moro


Buyer’s Advocate and Property Buying Mentor

Lara Moro has been helping her clients buy and sell property for nearly 30 years. She has worked for leading developers and now in her own business as buyer’s advocate and mentor coach, she leverages her extensive experience in the residential property sector to benefit her clients. She sets real expectations for her clients along with discovering new considerations. Lara possesses a profound understanding of the Australian property market and the intricate nature of marketing and advocating properties. This knowledge enables her to develop comprehensive property strategies that maximize returns for her clients.

Furthermore, Lara has a strong commitment to serving female clients and empowering women in the property market. As a dedicated property buying coach and mentor, she passionately provides education and resources to help women make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the property market. Through her guidance and by providing comprehensive insights into all aspects of the property buying process, Lara aims to equip women with the tools they need to make the best property decisions possible and achieve their financial goals.

It is YOUR time!


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