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Lana Grace



Hi! I’m Lana Grace, and I specialise in helping side hustle dreamers go from idea-in-my-head to results-in-reality.

I achieve this by providing structures, systems and strategies that capture your genius, free up your time, and kick your goals (all while doing it YOUR way!).

I can’t tell you how often I talk to women who would “love to have a side hustle” but “don’t know where to start.”

They say “give me a checklist” or a “How To guide… how to start, how to market, how to sell!” Simply put, they want to be guided on how to create the success they seek. 


Is this something you can relate to?

If so, Side Hustle Coaching is for you!


Throughout a series of coaching workshops, I will help you go from I-don’t-know-what-to-do to nothing-can-stop-me.

I can do this because… I’ve been you. I used to live a 9-5 corporate life, and was the TEXTBOOK DEFINITION of a dreamer. I had endless ideas but thought none of them were good enough (and never took any action). I moved across multiple business departments (management, sales, marketing), and realized none were “ticking my boxes.”

Throughout my employment travels, I discovered my one-true-love… coaching. I spent years in programs, surrounding myself with experts, and learning from mentors! Basically, doing the work and sucking out all the knowledge juice I could along the way.

I worked up the courage to launch my side hustle with what I thought the people wanted - a Life Coaching program. It flopped. Like, no-one-signed-up belly flopped. So, I went back to 1:1 coaching and quickly discovered a theme… All my clients wanted to talk business. This time, I gave them what they ACTUALLY wanted, and shifted to business coaching.

Today, my side hustle has become my full-time-DREAM hustle, and I coach women Australia wide to create real results and bring their side hustle visions to life.


Excited by the idea but not sure if coaching is for you?

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I get that committing to yourself and your side hustle can feel like a big step (maybe even a leap!). So let’s talk about it!

Book in a free 15-minute no obligation call to see if side hustle coaching with me is a vibe, and the right fit for you.

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Ladies Who Love Lana Grace


Shilpa, Plain Jaya



"Lana Grace helped me work out how to start my business, and it was enlightening.

Before working with her I had an idea for a business but no idea on how to get started.

There is a lot of information out there, but there's also a lot of irrelevant information that you have to wade through before you find something that helps. I tried to work all of it out myself but nothing worked. I didn't know what to do with my idea, how to find suitable vendors, set up a shopify store, set up social media.

I felt so lost and overwhelmed in this process. I felt like it was too much to deal with.

Today? I have a clear strategy. I have an evolving website that I'm updating with SEO that's working for me. I have social media that I'm posting on regularly. I have a great relationship with my vendors.I feel like it's something I can do and keep doing.

My favourite moment of this experience was just talking through my ideas and bouncing off someone who knows what they're doing. Our conversation is easy and always 2 sided. Lana is a great listener!

I would recommend working with Lana Grace to anyone who needs a guide to walk with you through your business journey. Someone who is by your side listening to your ideas and giving you the best strategies to execute to bring these ideas to life."

Lisa, Pivotal Occupational Therapy 



"Having Lana Grace in my corner as I developed the foundations of my business and its direction was exciting and inspiring!

Before working with her I was lacking direction, clarity of vision for my business, and unclear on the culture and values I wanted to install as I transitioned from Founder to CEO with a team. I tried thinking about what to do but ultimately would procrastinate and avoid doing anything at all!

I felt so stuck and overwhelmed, and didn’t know where to start.

Now I have a clear vision, mission, values and goals! The business has an inspired direction and purpose that enables me to stand out from my competitors because my clients are clear on the experience and the service that they will get. And, the team is connected and motivated to achieve the business's vision - they’re all so invested!

I feel so proud of my business and the direction it is heading in.

My favourite moment of this experience was Lana’s generosity, her genuine interest, and her eagerness to get to the core of what it is that was important to me and my business. For someone who has limited understanding of the industry I work in, it didn’t matter at all! Lana always sought to truly understand how it all worked and really get what I was trying to create specifically in my industry and my business. I loved this the most, as I felt like she came on the journey with me to truly understand what I do, so she could be the biggest help possible.

I would recommend working with Lana Grace to anyone who is inspired by their own idea (be it a business, a side hustle, whatever!) but feels stuck with how to move it forward to get the results they desire. Lana can 100% help you create it all!"

Amy, Wear The Damn Dress @wearthedamndress


"Lana Grace helped me to get the kick start I needed to build my styling program and it was such a joyful experience.

Before working with her I had half started a lot of sort of connected projects and I really needed help bringing them together.

I felt so overwhelmed and I just didn’t know where to start. Lana listened to what I needed out of the experience and we practically worked through what I needed to focus on to get things started. We worked together during our time so I left with something tangible “ticked off” at the end of each session.

My favourite moment of this experience was how much we laughed. And how compassionate Lana was when I was flustered, tired or just felt like my head wasn’t in the game.

I would recommend working with Lana Grace to any one looking for a fun, kind, crazy knowledgeable person to help them cut through the chaos and start putting one business foot forward in front of the other."

Side Hustle Coaching


(One-off workshop)

The PERFECT place to start if you’re new to coaching and seeking a “how to guide'' catering to the next step (or first step!) on your side hustle journey.

1x 2hr 1:1 Coaching Workshop

In this power session, we’ll tackle the key action you need support on, and have you walking away with a strategy and action plan that you can execute as soon as the call ends!


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(1x month)

The space where we face off with the wall that is stopping you and together, houdini those bricks to dust and get through to the other side.

4x weekly 60-min 1:1 Coaching Sessions

These coaching sessions are designed to talk through where you’re getting stuck, and guide you through how to overcome the “walls” that are stopping you from moving forward!

Unlimited 1:1 WhatsApp Support (Mon-Fri)

This is where you can reach out daily if you’re ever in need of guidance, support or even a quick pep-talk-memo anytime, anyplace!


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I'm Ready!

(3x months unlimited access)

The ultimate goal kicking partnership if you’re ready to go all in on your side hustle, tick your big goals and start creating next level results.

1x 2hr 1:1 Planning Session

To ensure you get AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE out of our 3-month journey together, we’ll start with a planning session to map out what you want to achieve by the end.

6x 90-min 1:1 Coaching Sessions + 6x 30-min Accountability Calls

These sessions are all about clearing the space through coaching to leave you empowered to create! Be it strategy, action plans, whatever it is your side hustle needs, together we will discover the “how” to bring it to life. Between each coaching session, we’ll have an accountability call to talk through where you’re getting stopped or stuck, and get you back on track!

Bespoke Templates

I’ll do the heavy lifting for you and create up to 3x custom templates / tools to support your planning and execution success.

Unlimited 1:1 WhatsApp Support (Mon-Fri)


*LFC members save $450!
Let's Do This!

I invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you.

  • What would it be like to wake up each morning feeling excited and inspired by your side hustle?
  • To market and make sales with ease and joy?
  • To no longer struggle working out your next move and instead be taking action and growing your income daily?

I want you to know that this is totally possible… you really can have it all.

Are you ready to start making a successful side hustle a non-negotiable in your life?

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It is YOUR time!


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