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Salary Negotiation 101 with Meggie Palmer


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Salary Negotiation 101 with Meggie Palmer


In today’s episode, I’m interviewing the incredible Meggie Palmer. Meggie is the founder of PepTalkHer, has created a free App that is all about helping women negotiate their salaries, has worked with fortune 500 companies and used to be a foreign correspondent for the BBC. She’s passionate about helping women to get paid what they’re worth and is on a mission to see 50/50 women in leadership roles. 


If even thinking about talking to your boss about a pay raise fills you with dread, you’re not alone. The first time I wanted to negotiate my salary I felt sick to my stomach, started shaking and was full to the brim with nerves. Meggie is here to help us all tackle this difficult next step on our financial growth journey and provide proven strategies to get rid of our fears, reframe our mindset and walk into that terrifying conversation with confidence. 


We’ll begin with the common mistakes women are making with their salaries. Firstly - You deserve a pay rise! Even if you’re happy with what you’re earning right now. Remember, you can negotiate for what you’re truly worth, every single year and not just once! Even if the idea of that makes you feel sick like I did. 


Meggie tells us if you want to feel valued and recognised in your workplace - negotiate your salary. Some employers even look for staff that actively negotiate for themselves because they know they will have the skills to advocate for the business too. We explore how to frame the conversation by identifying the value you will bring to the company or are already contributing. 


Meggie is excited to help women change their financial futures. One of her clients obtained a 14% pay rise when everyone else in her team got a 5%. She has even had three women in her program negotiate their way to six figure pay increases! Wow!


So where do you start? 


Timing is everything and preparation is key. There is a window for every company and Maggie will run us through how to determine when to bring it up and what documents and information to bring into the room. 


But what happens if they say “no”? It’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask and ask regularly. Negotiating is a muscle and you need to practice it often to master the skill. 


Meggie runs us through her app PepTalkHer and how it was started with the mission to close the gender pay gap and help women get paid what they’re worth. It will get you career fit and allow you to record all of your wins and the amazing things you’ve done for the business so you can bring a brag book into your salary negotiation and grab that pay raise. 


Meggie shares practical strategies to start using like the FYI email to give you a point of connection with your boss and highlight what you’ve achieved that week and what you’re focusing on in the next week. 


We then discuss the top questions sent in from listeners and Meggie shares all of her expertise on how to handle each situation to achieve the best outcome. 


Every single woman needs to listen to this episode and take onboard Meggie’s wisdom and advice. Start off 2023 by becoming a champion for yourself and remind your boss of the amazing value you bring every day. Your future self will definitely thank you for it! 

Resources mentioned:


Podcast: Chill & Prosper with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Author: Minda Harts 

Book: How to Build a Goddamn Empire by Ali Kriegsman




Website: https://www.peptalkher.com/

Instagram: @peptalkher

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/peptalkher/

Check out PepTalkHer’s free resources here!



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