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Rebuilding from Scratch: How a Divorcee Became an Investing Sensation with Sharon Connolly


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Rebuilding from Scratch: How a Divorcee Became an Investing Sensation with Sharon Connolly


At 43, Sharon was broke and knew nothing about investing. She was divorced, broke and building a business in Singapore when she started dabbling in investing with a $25 voucher for eToro. She is now qualified and full of investing wisdom, appearing on many panels and podcasts, reminding us it's never too late to start investing. You can even start today without knowing anything and with a small amount of money. 


Sharon begins her story with very important advice - don't give everything up when you're in a relationship and make sure you take care of yourself. The time women spend raising children is actually a fairly small part of their financial life. When the kids are grown up, you’ve still got many many years where you need to be able to look after yourself financially - A man is not a financial plan. 


When you start investing, start small. It’s a myth that you need to start with thousands of dollars. Sharon started with just $25 and would invest small amounts in the companies where she enjoyed spending her money and doing it this way really sparked her interest so she was keen to open the newspaper and dive into the stock news. 


Through investing, creating new financial behaviours and side hustling, Sharon now owns her home and has a very comfortable retirement fund. This is incredible when she had to start completely from scratch after her divorce. She never thought that it was going to be possible and through hard work, she has built security and confidence in her financial future. 


Sharon also shares her insights into superannuation, shifting your financial mindset, ESG investing and finding ways to make money on the side. You can even start copying Sharon’s financial moves as she’s an eToro popular investor! Jump over to her eToro page here and check it out. 

This episode is brought to you by eToro, Australia's leading social investing platform with over 30M users worldwide allowing you to explore local & global markets, diversify your investments and copy popular investors strategies! Click here to find out more.

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Website:  https://www.etoro.com/people/sharonconnolly 


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