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WeMoney Budgeting

One of our favourite budgeting apps - free, secure and easy to use. 

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Get cashback when you spend online.

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Downloadable Budget Template

Create your own budget with LFC's Budget Template.

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Goal Template

Create your own goals with LFC's Goal Template.

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National Debt Hotline Australia

Is a non-for-profit free service that helps people tackle their debt.

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MoneySmart's Debt Calculator

Work out how long and how much it will take to pay off your card.

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Debt Snowball

Download our debt snowball tracker.

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Way Forward

An Australian registered charity here to support you get out of debt faster.

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Retirement Calculator

Find out if you're putting enoughaway for your retirement.

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Super and Age Pension Calculator

Find out when you can access your super and when you can apply for Age Pension.

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Super Rewards

Earn cash rewards from retailers every time you shop.

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Great for when travelling with mates.

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Allows you to spend and transfer money around the world while charging you the real exchange rate.

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The cheap, fast way to send money abroad.

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LFC Travel Budget 2023

A valuable tool for planning, organizing, and managing your finances during a trip. 

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Other Resources We Heart


Get Organised for 2022

Take your budget planning to the next level!

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Questions To Ask Your Partner

18 questions to ask your partner about money.

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Ticker Time Machine

Find out what the investments you didn't make in the past would be worth today.

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Super Fierce

Are you paying too much in fees? Get a free report here.

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Meal prep planner

Save thousands each year by planning your meals!

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Savings tracker

Track the savings in your life!

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Net Worth Template

To keep track of your assets and liabilities!

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