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MP Allegra Spender explains what the Federal Budget is?


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MP Allegra Spender explains what the Federal Budget is?

We are so lucky to be bringing you Allegra Spender, the independent MP from Wentworth, NSW. Allegra previously worked as a managing director both in business and in not-for-profit organisations. She was fed up with the lack of action on climate change, missing integrity in politics, and the lack of women so she decided to run as an independent MP and start driving real change. 

Allegra describes her role as an MP as two jobs: the one that’s in Canberra, reviewing and developing policy and legislation, and the one that is in the community. Her constituents come and see her about a whole range of issues, including the NDIS, visa issues and accessing home care for their parents. She focuses her attention on the important issues faced by her community and works incredibly hard to help them navigate the federal government.  

Feeling confused about the Federal Budget?

The Federal Budget is effectively how the government spends its money. The Treasurer of the day (currently Jim Chalmers) details what they plan to spend the nation’s money on, how much they estimate will be spent in the following three years and the budget’s priorities. Broadly, Allegra believes the current federal budget is quite sensible but could have been more ambitious. 

Listen in as Allegra takes us through the current budget and how it benefits women in our community through increased childcare funding, supporting single-parent families with increased payments and age limits, increasing parental leave pay, and increasing support for those fleeing domestic violence.

Allegra shares her mother’s advice encouraging her to always be financially independent as a woman because it grants freedom. The future of politics looks brighter with women like Allegra Spender representing our communities and working on the biggest issues facing our country with respect and collaboration - and less ego! 

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