Hi, I’m Marion


Certified Money Coach and Property Mentor and Educator

Certified Money Coach and Property Mentor and Educator

I help women buy property for a secure future and change their outcomes with money, be it making it, managing it or multiplying it with guaranteed results.

I am a Behavioural Coach who specialises in helping clients develop their Financial IQ & EQ and a passionate Property Educator.

I am driven to help people get out of their own way and do things they thought they could never do.

Location: Melbourne and Australia-wide
Favourite drink: Patient Wolf Gin neat or a concoction of green juiced vegies depending on the time of day.
Best life hack: I reverse engineer everything, what I eat, how I sleep and when I exercise & meditate= food prep for a week, honouring my chronotype, locked in training sessions and a reminder on my phone to mediate min. twice a daily.
Best piece of advice: Successful people ask for help and get the support they need. If you are stuck seek HELP!

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More About Me


I deeply care about the epidemic of poverty being enforced upon Women in Australia and around the world, it will take women to change it for women.

Professionally I have spent 30 years in Financial Services and 20 years in Property mentorship and the past decade in personal Coaching. All while contemplating why do women not have the wealth they need and deserve. So 8 years Ago, I decided to explore this question by bringing my love of Money, Property and Coaching together to champion women into economic empowerment. Since then, I have never looked back. I coach women and couples in the landscape of Making more Money, managing it better and learning how to Multiply it- and property plays a key role in that.

On an abstract note, I have a deep working knowledge of the Family law system and navigating challenging and unexpected adverse life experiences – this has become my superpower and I’m often sought out to assist when people have conundrums that require some creative genius in both their money, personal and business lives.

As a human I am one of those people who seem super tough on the outside in attempt to hide my huge mushy heart, I’m deeply sensitive (shhh don’t tell anyone) and my happy place is sprinkling random acts of kindness everywhere together with my 15 year old son. But mostly I’m a woman who refuses to accept the status quo that the face of poverty in Australia is female. I think together with bravery, courage and a willingness we can definitely flip that script

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