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Financial Adviser, Yulania Financial

Financial Adviser

I help women connect with their money and use it to consciously build their dream life.

I was a very unfulfilled public servant before meeting a financial adviser at a BBQ who inspired me to explore the world of personal finance. The more I read the more I felt I had found the thing I wanted to do - help people use their money to build the life they want. So I jumped ship and never looked back.

My mission is to help people with their money, so that they can use it as a tool to build a life of financial independence, freedom and most importantly provide choice.

Location: Melbourne and Australia-wide
Favourite drink: Jalapeno margarita
Best life hack: Delegate, Automate, Eliminate
Best piece of advice: Ask the question, Always!

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More About Me


Spreading financial literacy as far and wide as I possibly can is the aim of the game.

After meeting a financial advisor at a friend's BBQ, I quickly realised how little I knew about my financial affairs, let alone how to manage them. I needed to learn more about the financial world and how I could make the most of my own money, so that I could live the life I want to live.

I enrolled in a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Financial Planning, with a goal to build business skills and learn enough on the financial planning side to never have to rely on someone else to sort out my financial well-being.

What I learned was life changing and I wanted to make sure everyone had the same knowledge and power to make financial decisions for themselves. I quickly became that person who asked the nitty gritty questions; what's your interest rate? How's your super invested? What are your goals in life and how are you going to get there? As long as they knew where they were headed, I felt I could help them understand the tools available and provide a solution to get there.

Now I have a career where I can share my passion for financial literacy, nerd out reading the small print on financial products and legislation and help people build the life they want.

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