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Tax Accountant and Small Business Advisor at Tax Mermaid

Tax Accountant and Small Business Advisor

I help women make sense of the weird and wacky world of tax!

Helen Francis is a CPA qualified accountant, tax agent and small business advisor. She currently runs a boutique public practice in Sydney’s Inner West, where she has amassed almost 15 years of experience dealing with small business tax strategy and compliance, as well as complex individual tax matters.

She’s on a mission to make talking tax a lot less boring and little more sexy!

Location: Sydney and Australia-wide
Favourite drink: Spicy Marg!
Best life hack: Get yourself a partner who loves to cook. Haven’t had to feed myself in over 10 years – if that ain’t a life hack, I dunno what is.
Best piece of advice: Trust your gut – always

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She is determined to change the face of decades old perceptions of the accounting profession by bringing its concepts to regular Australians, especially women, who have an appetite to know & understand more about tax.

Helen is a young 32yr old accountant, tax agent and CPA, running her own boutique public practice, one that she has been a part of for more than 15 years. She is skilled in leveraging social media (chiefly, Instagram) to spark discussions around tax policy in Australia and how it intersects with the political landscape and the economy. 

A finalist for Young Accountant of the Year 2021, Helen is passionate about increasing accessibility to tax and financial education for all young people but especially for women.

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