Hi, I’m Chantal,


Expert Online Business Strategist and Social Media Marketing Consultant

Expert Online Business Strategist and Social Media Marketing Consultant

I help women manage their online marketing and customer generation confidently, so they can get more customers and spend less time online. 

Chantal Gerardy is the founder of Online Business Marketing. She is an international award-winning marketing strategist who went from broke & unknown in a new country, to successful in business, whilst being non techy, all by using income producing online marketing strategies.

She now empowers business owners with the skills, strategies and systems to create customer generating funnels, and manage their business successfully online, without paying for ads. Save time and money, and get back your sanity, by being more profitable and productive online. 

Location: Gold Coast and Australia-wide
Favourite drink: Beer (lol) XPA
Best life hack: Use cable ties to make a coffee mug carrier on your bicycle rack. Put your mug in a beer stubbie and then into the carrier.
Best piece of advice: Time block. Include time for play and working on yourself. 

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More About Me


  If you’ve started a business, you know how lonely it can be

There’s a lot to navigate and no guarantee anything will work. Plus, your inner critic can leave you frazzled.

That was me.

New to Australia, with 3 daughters under the age of 5yrs. I had no start-up capital, no marketing experience, I was non techy, knew no-one and had no business network.

I wish I knew then what I know now, because figuring it out on my own got overwhelming.

Still, I did it.

And I made it to a thriving six-figure business.

But it didn’t end there.

People around me reached out because they were struggling with their businesses.
“How did you do it?” they wanted to know.
The conversations that followed were the beginning of a new journey.

A journey that led me to an award-winning career as an online business marketing strategist over the last 8 years with over 300 online reviews.

Today as a ‘handholding’ marketing consultant, it’s my mission to make your path much clearer than mine was.

I’ll show you how to have fun while staying in love with your business as you manage your marketing and online customer generation.

I’ve seen again and again how it works for my clients.

And I want that for you.

Absolute clarity and certainty with your online marketing.

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