Hi, I’m Bernadette,


Chief Reno Mentor at The School Of Renovating & She Renovates

Property Renovating & Airbnb

I help women replace their income now or at retirement with renovating and Airbnb.

In essence, she has forged a career that marries her passion for renovation with a mission to empower women.

Her proven renovation system has produced millions in profit for her and her community of renovators.

She founded 2 businesses, The School Of Renovating and She Renovates and a popular podcast to provide practical training resources and information to support her growing community of renovators.

Bernadette personally completes an average of 2-3 of her own renovation projects each year and is an active coach, mentor and contributor to her reno students.

Location: Redfern and Australia-wide
Favourite drink: Yorkshire tea (Sambucca after midnight)
Best life hack: It's easy to make fresh pasta in 5 minutes.  Mix a cup of flour, salt and enough water to make a soft dough. Roll it out and cut it into strips with a sharp knife. Done. Cook as normal
Best piece of advice: Don't try to be the perfect mother. Let your children see your cracks so they understand that being human doesn't mean you have failed.

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More About Me


I have had a passion for renovating since I made over my room at 13 and realised that by changing your surroundings you can significantly improve the way you feel about your self.
Over 30+ years I have honed a process for leveraging my passion for creating beautiful living spaces to produce a reliable income through renovating and airbnb.

Renovating has enabled me to retire from nursing at 29, earn more in just one project than most do in a year, help the people I love financially, pay off a mortgage, pay for weddings, school fees and fancy holidays and prepare for retirement.

My life partner has a construction background and has been my greatest supporter and mentor. We also managed to produce an architect son, David who has also played a huge part.

I now work with women who have that same flair and love for creating beautiful spaces to build financial capacity through renovating and airbnb.

I am deeply moved and motivated by the stories of women who face significant financial difficulties, even homelessness in their 50s. I want to contribute to a proactive solution that empowers women to take control of their own financial health.

By serving as an ambassador for the Ladies Finance Club, I can actively participate in the movement of educating and equipping women with essential financial knowledge and skills.

I hope to help them avoid poor decision making around property, potential financial vulnerabilities and prevent the devastating risk of homelessness.


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