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Investing Part 1: Girls just wanna have funds with Emma Kirk


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Investing Part 1: Girls just wanna have funds with Emma Kirk


Girls just wanna have funds, but when it comes to investing where do you even start?

I know the first time I went to start investing it felt like the one and only time I went to the free-weights section of the gym. It was very male, there wasn’t a lot of signage, I didn’t know if I was doing it right and the whole time I was thinking “where are all the women?”.

Don’t worry, investing no longer has to be like free weights. For this episode, I sit down with the divine Emma Kirk from Magellan Group. Emma’s superpower is breaking down the world of investing. Over the next two episodes, we run through the basics (Part 1) and the doing (Part 2).

Emma shares the key reason we should consider investing: it gives us control over our financial future and choice. Whatever our goals are, investing helps us get there a lot faster than savings alone.

Investing is being the owner of an asset. Emma explains the five asset classes and how these work as investments to provide income and capital gain. Considering the attributes of assets is also really important and Emma is onto it! She explains what attributes we should look for to make sure they are high-quality investments.

We also chat all things stock market! Emma explains the stock market in a way that will have ALL the lightbulbs in your head going off. If you’ve had trouble understanding the stock market before, you’re going to love how she explains it!

Emma also takes us what exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are and the two kinds - passive and active.

As Emma shares, investing is not complicated! She runs through the basic concepts of investing and the considerations you need to think about to make sure you’re kicking those financial goals.

We also run through compounding and dollar cost averaging, and how this is an absolutely incredible approach for long-term gains.

Now, there are lots of different pathways to invest, but you do need to consider the fees on each of them. Fees come in all different shapes and sizes and Emma explains the ins and outs.

Finally, Emma takes us through diversification. A robust portfolio that is diversified across different industries, different types of companies and even different asset classes is key. Don’t have all your eggs in one basket!

Ladies, if you put the knowledge from this podcast into play it’s going to have a massive impact on your financial future! Share this with gal pals and remember that investing is for everyone!


Resources mentioned:

Online brokers: Commsec / nabtrade / Self Wealth / Pearler

Learn to Earn by Peter Lynch and John Rothchild




LinkedIn:    https://au.linkedin.com/in/emma-kirk-14810727

Twitter:        https://twitter.com/emmakirk_au?lang=en

Website:    https://www.magellangroup.com.au/

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