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From teacher to property investor


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From teacher to Property Investor

My guest today is Julie Crocket, CEO of Australian Property Investment Solutions. But she didn’t start out there and I know her story is going to be such an inspiration. In this episode, Julie shares her journey from raising two kids on her own on a teaching wage to becoming a thriving property investor. 

Julie's journey into property investment began when she received a superannuation statement that revealed she had less than $30,000 in her account. As a single mum, she knew she needed to take action to secure her financial future and provide for her two daughters. Driven by her determination not to end up in poverty, Julie sought the help of an accountant to explore property investment as a way to build wealth.

Since then, Julie has built an impressive investment portfolio and, inspired by her passion for empowering others, launched Australian Property Investment Solutions to help even more people secure financial strength and independence through property investment. In this episode, Julie shares her story and offers valuable insights for anyone looking to build wealth through property.

One common mistake Julie sees among investors is stopping at one property. She emphasises the importance of having a strategy and a long-term plan, sharing her own experience of buying multiple properties over the years and how each acquisition contributed to her overall wealth.

Affordability challenges are real, especially in desirable locations like Bondi. Julie introduces the concept of ‘rent vesting’, which involves buying an investment property in a more affordable area while renting in the desired location.

We also talk about the importance of challenging our limiting beliefs when it comes to money and taking control of our financial future, not just for ourselves but for generations to come. 

Julie's story is such an inspiration and if you’re thinking about property investment as a way to build wealth, you don’t want to miss this episode. As more women embrace property investment, the future holds the promise of greater financial security and prosperity for all.

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