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Virtual/Fractional CFO &
Financial Coach

Virtual CFO Services, Bookkeeping & Financial Education

I help women grow their business more profitably by learning how to manage their numbers and make better financial decisions.

Her mission is to help businesses grow more profitably by knowing their numbers, making better informed decision, and run a business sustainably to make a positive impact in the world. We offer Virtual CFO Services, Bookkeeping and Financial Coaching for women. Our clients range from sole traders to multi 7 figure businesses.

Location: Sydney, Australia
Favourite drink: Cosmopolitan Cocktail
Best life hack: Spend time in nature and be present.
Best piece of advice: Whatever you do, give it 100%

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There is a great synergy between what we both do in terms of empowering women with financial education. I would love to support your community with my services to help them grow their business with the right financial foundations and really understand the story behind what their numbers are telling them, so they can reach closer to their life goals.

Sukhy Bansal is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years’ experience.  She founded ERS Advisory in 2018 which offers Virtual CFO services for growing businesses & Financial Coaching for female entrepreneurs.

Sukhy has held various finance leadership roles across the banking sector for organisations such as CBA & ANZ. She began her career with Deloitte in their Growth Solutions division working in audit and tax.

Based in Sydney she enjoys spending time outdoors and travelling with her husband and three children.

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