Hi, I’m Meggie,


Founder & CEO of PepTalkHer specialising in career


I help women navigate the financial world through financial education and support they deserve.

As a woman who's had to navigate the financial world herself, I know how important it is for us ladies to have the knowledge and skills to take control of our financial futures. That's why I think LFC is doing such a ripper job of breaking down financial jargon and making it easy to understand.

As an ambassador, I'd be able to spread the word about Ladies Finance Club and connect with other women in my community to encourage them to attend LFC events and courses. I'd also be stoked to share my own financial experiences and knowledge with other women who might be in a similar boat.

Location: Australia
Favourite drink: Smoothie with fruit and veggies
Best life hack: Batch work and admin tasks and recurring calendar reminders!
Best piece of advice: Leap and the net will appear!

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More About Me


I reckon being an ambassador for Ladies Finance Club would be a top opportunity to support and empower other women while being a part of a fantastic organization. I'm super passionate about giving Aussie women the financial education and support they deserve.

Meggie Palmer is a confidence creator and globally renowned speaker, facilitator and Executive Coach. Her work’s been recognised by Vogue Magazine, Forbes and on NBC.

She works with Fortune 100 companies supporting the diversification of their leadership talent pipeline and retention of high potential staff. Her clients include Microsoft, Docusign and JP Morgan.

She built the PepTalkHer App with the mission of closing the gender pay gap. It’s a fitbit for your career, helping professionals track success and navigate their pathway to
promotion. She runs a community of 60,000 professional women focused on elevating performance and supercharging their career success.

In her former life, she was an award-winning journalist. Her films won New York Festival TV & Film Awards, UN Media Awards & a Logie nomination.

She spent 15 years as a Foreign Correspondent, traveling from Syria to Italy telling stories for networks including BBC World, CNBC and Datline. She has interviewed Brad Pitt on the red carpet, Bashar Al Assad in his Palace in Damascus & once had the fun task of speaking on stage after Obama.

She’s a highly sought after speaker and has keynoted for Vogue, at Dreamforce for Salesforce and in Germany for Nico Rosberg’s Greentech Summit.

Before founding her company, she was VP for the Financial Times. Meggie lectures at Columbia University & Barnard College.

She sits on the board of several high growth companies and not for profit Boards including the Australian Press Council. Meggie is a Tory Burch Fellow & was recognized with a grant from Sara Blakley's Spanx Foundation.

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