Estate Planning 101

with Lucy Percy, Principal Lawyer at Head and Heart Estate Planning

Tuesday, August 11 2022

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM AEST 

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Nothing quite says 'you're an adult' like have you thought about your death yet’? It’s a grim topic but actually doing a will and getting your estate in order is a really selfless thing to do. There’s a big chance at some point in your life you will die - eeek in fact, I’d bet my life on it (okay I’ll stop with the dad jokes). But did you know over 50% of Aussies still don't have a will? This means if something was to happen to them, it doesn't mean the people they love automatically get their money! Also super doesn't makeup part of your estate.

Learn everything you need to know about estate planning including what it is, getting started & the basics of estate planning with Principal Lawyer of Head and Heart Estate Planning, Lucy Percy!

Lucy will be sharing with us:

- What is an estate plan (hint: documents that deal with both before and after death, and assets inside and outside your estate, including super)!

- Why a Will won’t just cut it, and you need an estate plan

- How to smash out a legally valid estate plan, and why you should always use a lawyer and never DIY (post office style)


Lucy Percy, Principal lawyer of Head and Heart Estate Planning.

Lucy is passionate about estate planning, because of the certainty and financial security a well-designed and legally binding plan can provide after the loss of a loved one, to their family and friends, as well as preventing costly disputes and maintaining relationships.

An innovator in the law, a core value of Head and Heart Estate Planning is education and engagement; Lucy says that 90% of her work is done when a client books their first appointment as completing estate planning is not as hard as the decision to get started!


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