Goal Planning 2023

with Briony Benjamin, Author of Life is Tough But So Are You

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM AEDT    |      $ 57 AUD

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Ever set your New Year goals with the best intentions but when February comes around you back to your old ways and those resolutions are forgotten, if YES then you're not alone.

In this session Briony Benjamin (Best Selling Author and Award-winning creator) is going to take us through a review and then we are going to write out our goals then and there. This is a hands-on approach.

It will include:

- We will show you how to reflect on 2022

- Reasons why people fail when setting goals and how not to make the same mistakes

- How to set goals and break them into bite sized chunks

- And how to create systems to back your goals up so you can smash them out!

This will be a camera on session where you will be doing the work then and there!



Briony Benjamin is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Global Storyteller whose viral videos have been viewed by more than 200 million sets of eyeballs.

Turning the camera on herself, Briony started documenting her journey in the short video 'You Only Get One Life'. Its raw portrayal of her experience went viral, touching millions. Her first book ‘Life is Tough But So Are You’ hit the shelves in 2021 and in January 2023 the companion Journal will be released into the world. Both books share what this major life wake-up call taught her about living and is packed full of helpful guidance to get you through any sticky time.

She also works with some of Australia’s boldest leaders to help them craft their personal stories in compelling ways that move hearts and minds with the view to making the world a better, kinder more sustainable and fun place.

Visit https://www.brionybenjamin.com/


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Let me buy a ticket to this event!
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