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Our doors are closed so we can focus on our current club members helping them get fierce with their finances! 

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We will be opening our doors again in early 2023!  Join our free FACEBOOK page in the meantime or check out what Masterclasses we have coming up! 

We will show you how to save money, grow your wealth, and take control of your financial future (so you’ll be in a place financially where adding guacamole isn’t a big decision)!

Whether you’re worried about not having money to do the things you want in life or being able to provide for your kids
Need a little more pressure and willpower to stick to your long term goals
Are struggling to get out of the debt cycle
Stressed about not having enough for retirement
Want to invest but not sure where to start 
Live a financially free life (whatever that means to you)
Or simply just want to feel in control of your money then we are your CLUB!




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Ladies who love us:

Anna, 23, Sydney 

Pink Member

 I thought I was too young to be able to think investment ... What a mistake! LFC gave me the skills to control my budget and in 3 months, I have already invested $2000! THANKS!








Jo, 37, Canberra

Diamond Member

"Thank you so much for all the information I have received over the last few months - I feel like I am finally on top of my finances again which is an amazing feeling. I have managed to save towards my emergency fund & your investment course gave me the confidence to take the plunge & invest in the stock market after years of watching from the side lines. So thank you again."


Jess, 44, Brisbane

I never thought I would get out of debt, but with the help of LFC, I did! The Accountability Sessions are my favourite! I also just bought my first ETFs, I'm actually excited about my finances now - who would have thought!"

Why join the CLUB


When you sign up for our membership and become a  member our goal is to help you fast-track your financial success, how? Glad you asked!

Monthly Money Masterclasses

With a leading Australian or International financial expert.

Goal Accountability Sessions

Join a group of likeminded women to help you keep on track and smash your money goals!

Fierce Financial Foundations Course

This fast-track money makeover course covers all the basics to get you set up fast!

Access to Our Members Only Website

Get access to our exclusive clients-only membership website with access to all past videos.

Side Hustle sessions

Practical sessions on how to take a business idea and turn it into something more!

LFCs Black Book of Financial Experts and Discounted

Get member-only discounted rates (like half price wills etc).

30min Insurance Review

Our LFC insurance expert will review your sitch, look at your circumstances, what you need, or where you can save!

Monthly Money Book Summaries

‘Get the gold’ from all those finance books you know you should be reading – but just don’t have the time too!

Fill-In-The-Blanks Templates

Goal trackers, expense trackers, budgets, checklists, goal templates, and more. All you need to do is download them.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching can be $$$ so we offer a number of group coaching sessions where you will still come away with your own set of actions!

An Hour With The Experts

Once a quarter ask our experts your Qus? Whether it's tax, mortgage or family law related! Ask it LIVE.  

Everything you need to take your finance game to the next level and grow your wealth!

That's what she said:

Mel, 39, Melbourne 

Pink Member

Being a member with Ladies Finance Club has been a financial life changing experience. I have really valued being part of the supportive and like minded community which is full of intelligent woman who are always willing to help and answer any questions about all things money. I started this year in 50K of debt with no investment and I am proud to say that my debt is down to almost nothing and I have started on the investment journey with $2K in shares. Baby steps but I am excited to keep growing my portfolio! As a member, I have access to a range of masterclasses and events that are relevant to modern women and I always learn something new! If you are a woman looking for another way to learn and develop your finance knowledge and confidence, I would highly recommend joining the Pink or Diamond membership. You wont regret it!

Em, 34, Perth

Diamond Member

Previously I was part of Barefoot’s premium financial membership club, however that shutdown in 2020, so I was looking for another finance group to join. I’d been to an event in Brisbane and had been following LFC for a little while and agreed with their ethos. So when the membership opened up, joining was just a natural step. The diamond masterclasses have been excellent, and I have enjoyed the side hustle sessions to. However the accountability sessions are the thing that have truely pushed me towards my goals.
Try out for a month, its very reasonable pricing and you can leave anytime. There is always so much happening at LFC that one month would be plenty of time to realise how great it is, and then you’ll be a member for life!



All the tools you need to take control of your financial future.




per month

  • Monthly Masterclass with leading Australian and International experts 
  • Members-only tools and templates to help organise your money
  • Access to all past Video Recordings from the past year
  • Discounted Wills so you can tick that off your life admin list
  • Access to our member-only Facebook group - to help answer your money questions and to keep you accountable! 



per month


  • 12x Finance 101 Lessons to get you up to speed fast.
  • 12 x Monthly check-in sessions to help you stick to your goals, celebrate your wins and help you stay on track.
  • 3 x Money Unblocking Coaching Sessions to bust any of those money beliefs that keep holding us back.
  • 3 x Hour with the Experts to ask your personal questions to our experts!
  • 3 x Side Hustle Masterclasses of practical sessions on how to take an idea and turn it into something more each year.
  • 3 x Business Coaching Sessions to help you get your idea off the ground!
  • 12 x Monthly Book Summaries get the 'gold' from all those finance books you know you should be reading but just don't have time to.
  • 30 mins Insurance Review to ensure you have the right protection in place
  • Discounts to Property Mastermind - get 50% off our Monthly Property Mastermind.
  • Access to our member-only WhatsApp group - to help answer your money questions and to keep you accountable!