Ethical Investing 101

with Leah Willis, leading Australian Ethical Investing Specialist
Knowing where your money is being invested is the most powerful thing you can do to protect the planet!

Are you one of the 86 per cent of Australians who’s worried about climate change? Maybe you’re making lifestyle changes such as reducing how much meat you eat, using reusable coffee cups and shopping sustainably, but have you thought about where your investments (including your super) are being invested?

This is one area that you can have a large impact on the environment and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Ethical investments have seen a surge in interest as Australians seek to do well and do good with how their money is invested. And it’s women who are leading the charge.

But what is ethical investing? What should you be looking out for? And how do you make sure you're not being 'green washed'? LFC is thrilled to be running this masterclass with Leah Willis from Australian Ethical to:

  • Dispel some myths
  • Give examples of what good ethical investing looks like
  • Explain what greenwashing is
  • Discuss what types of companies ethical investors invest in and the impact they’re having etc
  • Plus loads of hints and tips around the different terms!

It’s the most powerful thing you can do to protect the planet!

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