ETFs 101 with Vanguard

with Balaji Gopal (Head of Personal Investor), and Shangitha Rajendran (Portfolio Manager) at Vanguard Australia
Getting started investing and want to learn more about these ETFs (Exchange-traded Funds) but not really sure where to start? Start here!

If you have you always wanted to learn how to invest but never knew where to start? Or maybe you were scared about losing all your money? Confused by the jargon? ... Or thought the stock market wasn't for you? Then ETFs are a great place to start!

But what are they???

Over this action-packed hour Ladies Finance Club Founder Molly Benjamin, is teaming up with Head of Personal Investor, Balaji Gopal and Portfolio Manager, Shangitha Rajendran from Vanguard (one of the biggest investment companies in the world) to break it down for you!

We are going to look at:

  • What are ETFs and how do they work
  • Different types of ETF products available
  • How to invest in ETFs
  • Different ways ETFs can work within a portfolio (without the boring bits)

We want you to leave this session feeling confident about how to purchase your first ETFs!

Now, why is it important that you learn how to invest? Well, ladies, we live longer than men (on average by about 5 years) and through our working lives earn less (there’s still a pay gap) plus a whole bunch of other reasons (family, part-time work etc). In short, we need our money last longer and investing is a great way to achieve that!

Here at Ladies Finance Club, we believe learning about investing doesn’t have to be confusing and complicated. In fact, it can be easy, fun, empowering and profitable when done right!

We want you to control life on your own terms, grow your wealth, feel confident about your money and plant the seeds for a more secure financial future (and yes, you can still buy shoes).

This webinar will give you real-world practical information to help you understand and get started on your own investing journey… no matter what your salary!

So get your bestie, grab a glass of vino (and of course snacks)... and get ready to learn about the world of ETFs!

Ready to become an investing buff? #Boom yes you are!

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