Crypto 101

with Tim Johnston, Managing Director of Apollo Capital
 To crypto or not to crypto? That is the question. 

Is it a fad or will digital money be the currency of the future? As bitcoin becomes the third largest currency world we have invited Tim Johnston who runs Australia’s leading crypto-asset investment firm to chat to us about WTF is going on with Crypto and is that a bandwagon we want to be jumping on or wave by to Elon and Dodgecoin (yes that’s a real name)!

Poor Tim, we have sooooo many questions on Crypto we are going to keep him busy for this action packed 35min talk – he’s going to break down for us…

  • How does it work
  • Why are there so many currencies
  • Should we buy it
  • Why has it started to boom again
  • How do we buy it
  • Can we get hacked?
  • Is crypto a fad or is digital currency here for life
  • Not sure if you should jump on the crypto bang wagon?
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