How To Legally Reduce Your Tax

with Victoria Berry, Managing Director of HBA Encompass 

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM AEST    |      $ 47 AUD

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‘Yay, it’s tax time’, said no one ever!

If you’re someone who shudders at the thought of submitting a tax return or it just confuses the hell out of you, then you’re not alone.

In fact, in a recent poll LFC found that over 70% of our respondents also found tax confusing...

That’s why we have Victoria Berry who is Managing Director of HBA Encompass talking nerdy to us !

Victoria aka the tax Jedi...guru is going to join us and cover the basics of tax (so we don’t have to nervously submit our return not knowing if we are accidentally breaking the law) and answer any of our tax questions LIVE! Including:

  • When is tax time?
  • Who has to pay tax?
  • What are the individual income tax rates ?
  • How the Medicare levy work?
  • What about HECs?
  • What do you have to tell the ATO about?
  • What do you NOT have to tell the ATO about?
  • What you can and can’t claim?
  • And how to submit a return via MyGov!



Victoria Berry, Managing Director of HBA Emcompass

Victoria Berry has a 25 year history of helping small businesses. In her career as an Accountant and Business Advisor, she has helped countless businesses start, grow
and sell.

The rise of cloud accounting lead to the creation of Bookkeeper Hub – in order to provide Xero Training,
Xero Bookkeeping and their Xero “Fix-it” services, to ensure small businesses are able to get up to date,
meaningful information from their accounting system. Simply because small business owners have
better things to do!

Frustration with the inability to give great advice to start up businesses lead her to write the book “Zest
for Success”. This book covers the basics of starting and running a business in an easy to read format
with links to valuable resources. This knowledge has also been transferred to one-on-one and we based
training based on the book content.

Taking Financial Literacy to the next Level, Victoria is in the process of becoming an accredited Profit
First Professional – assisting business owners to manage their cashflow the easy way.


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