Money Mindset Makeover

with Yulia Freilekhman, Founder + Personal Money Coach at Madam Wealth Financial Coaching
What is it that makes one person great with their money and the other one give up within days? 

Our mindset shapes the way we feel about money, which influences the decisions we make and how we behave when managing it. Developing your mindset can be just as important as setting your budget. If having a budget and a plan is the car that gets you closer to your financial success, then your mindset is the engine giving you the power you need to reach your destination.

In this session, Yulia will teach us what impacts your mindset and why you keep repeating behaviours that simply don’t work for you. We will look at how your earliest memories of money control you today and what you can do to rewrite your story. Then we’ll equip you with a few smashing exercises to get you off that money hamster wheel and on your way to financial success.

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